Newly married to a guy she contended she wasn’t having an affair with, anti-Semitic  Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)  is getting a well-deserved slamming for her reaction the family-fun tweet from President Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Ivanka posted a call for families to try and make the best of the time at home together during the social distancing taking place during the coronavirus outbreak. In the post, she suggested having a “living room camp out” with treats and other foods. Which a much better idea than what I am hearing from some parents who are getting so frazzled from being stuck at home with young children and no place to go, they are contemplating suicide by Teletubby. Ihan Omar slammed

Ivanka also invited her millions of followers to share their ideas using the hashtag #TogetherApart. Personally, I prefer the hashtag #OrderAPizza but her ideas were nice. She followed up with a tweet that said in part, ““It won’t mitigate the fear and pain,” Trump wrote in another tweet, “but it may foster some joy. Let’s come together as a community and share ideas on how to entertain our children (and each other) and create some positive memories in an otherwise frightening moment.”


Apparently, Rep Ilhan Omar’s brother’s ex-wife wasn’t impressed. Per Fox News

But Omar used the Trump post to make a political point about President Trump’s policies at the U.S.-Mexico border. “Thinking of all the families separated forcefully by your father’s policies today,” Omar wrote. Then, mocking Trump’s tweet, Omar invited the first daughter to “Share your ideas on how you plan to unite them.”

The twitter world was not pleased, they tore into her with a well-deserved vengeance:

I don’t know if she can be deported, David. But she is accused of committing fraud when she helped her former-husband-brother into this country and into college.

You get the idea. There is much more where that came from.

It is amazing how in less than two years Rep. Ilhan Omar has generated such love from the American public. Well, love from the part of the American public she is sleeping with, and/or related to.

Ihan Omar slammed