If you care at all about Israel or any Jewish Issue, before you make your decisions about whom to vote for on Tuesday I urge to read some of the profiles below. Maybe then you will understand that if the Democrats take power many of the senior people who will be running comittees and subcomittes people have Horrible track records on Terrorism, Jews and Israel.
Charles Rangel (D-NY) has said if the Democrats do not take control he will retire. Lets make sure Charlie gets his rest, because if they win will become the chairman of one of the most powerful committees in the house, the Ways and Means Committee. Lets see some of the fun things Charlie has said about Islamic terrorism:

To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it’s bigoted, it is not the right thing to say.”

“We just take for granted that there is an Islamic terror movement because we do have some fanatic people who come from Islamic countries.”

Let’s look at another Democrat, former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd who with a Democratic victory would be the Senate Money Man (Chair of The Senate Appropriations Committee) . Senator Byrd’s Israel stance is so awful he was rebuked by the National Jewish Democratic Committee, one of the groups that fighting so hard for a Democratic Congress.

Congressman James Moran (D-Va.) in 2003 said that that the leaders of America’s Jewish community sent America into war in Iraq to benefit Israel. (Ah , the old JewS control everything theory again).

John Dingell (D-Mich) declared himself ambivalent about which side he wanted to win in the war between Hezballah and Israel. Forget the fact that Hezballah is the number one terror group in the world. It has killed hundreds of innocent Jews in Argentina, hundreds of Americans sent to Lebanon as peace-keepers, and makes clear its desire to continue such Terror. His words were:
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‘I don’t take sides for or against Hezballah, or for and against Israel”.

Actually during his years in Congress he has compiled an anti-Israel voting record. On his own official website he included links to groups support Hezballah (when these links were publicized, Dingell took them down).
Jim McDermott (D-Wash),Traveled to Iraq just before the war so he could publicly support Saddam Hussein. The same Saddam Hussein that was just convicted by Iraqi judges for committing mass murder on his own people. McDermott’s trip to Iraq was paid for by an Arab-American which was raided by the FBI and IRS. The government is investigating the group, which it suspects violated sanctions regarding doing business with Iraq.
The Democratic nominee for Congress in Minnesota’s Fifth District is a Black Muslim who has a long record of anti-Semitism that he has tried to hide with twisted language and code names. He has also called cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and leftist terrorist Sara Jane Olson “freedom fighters.”
Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) May have inhaled too much Volcano Dust when he the sole “No” in a Congressional Resolution that stated that America should never give foreign aid to a Palestinian government if it is controlled by people calling for Israel’s destruction. He also was one of 8 members who voted “No” on this summer’s House resolution defending Israel’s right to defend itself against Hezbollah. Front Page prefers to call him, “Neil Abercrombie, D-Hezbollah”
But Neil wasn’t alone, On July 18, seven Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted, in the heat of Israel’s battle against Hezbollah, against a resolution which expressed support for Israel’s right of self defense, called for the return of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, condemned Iran and Syria for their support of terrorism, and condemned Hamas and Hezbollah for using civilians as shields. Those seven House members are: Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, John Conyers of Michigan, John Dingell of Michigan, Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan, Jim McDermott of Washington, Nick Rahall of West Virginia, and Pete Stark of California. In addition, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (who may be the next Speaker )removed her name as a co-sponsor of this important resolution because she didn’t want to be associated with it.

Before you pull the lever, remember that the Democratic Party Still reveres Jimmy Carter ,who has called Israel an Apartheid state. William Safire has reported that Cyrus Vance (his Secretary of State) acknowledged that, if he had had a second term, Carter would have sold Israel down the river.
The next Democratic President Bill Clinton, also a party icon, was Yassir Arafat’s best friend during his White House Years. Clinton helped to make terrorists recognize that killing civilians is a legitimate form of political expression by inviting Arafat to the White House Ten Times more than any legitmate world leader.
Before you drive to the polls, PLEASE don’t forget the little party Democratic Congressman John Conyers threw about a year ago. He held a mock impeachment hearing to criticize President Bush. Conyers called “expert witnesses” who had histories of peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding the “cabal that controls the White House.”

The meeting was attended by 30 Democratic Congressmen. One of the witnesses, Ray McGovern, declared that the US went to war for

“Oil, Israel, and military bases coveted by neocons so that the US and Israel could dominate that part of the world”.

And that Bush was “doing the bidding of Ariel Sharon”

During this mock hearing activists were handing out anti-Semitic leaflets at the Democratic National Campaign headquarters-where the proceedings were being telecast.

According to Independent Israeli analyst and columnist Jonathon Rosenblum (CNS News 10/27) there is an increasingly appeasement-oriented mindset in the Democratic Party.
“A deep ambivalence towards Israel has infected the Democratic Party,” he wrote.
Rosenblum cited a U.S. opinion poll comparing voter attitudes on the war in Lebanon and towards Israel, which he said showed Republicans to be far more supportive of Israel than Democrats.
“In the recent Senate hearings on John Bolton’s nomination as ambassador to the United Nations, Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic standard-bearer, repeatedly criticized Bolton for the fact that America is consistently the odd-man out at the United Nations, and stands outside the consensus of our European ‘allies,’ he said.

“One shudders to think where Israel would be if the United States ceased to be the ‘odd-man-out’ at the U.N. Recall that six of those so-called European allies, including France, voted in favor of a resolution of the U.N. Human Rights Commission specifically legitimizing terrorism against Israeli citizens to further Palestinian liberation,” Rosenblum added.

Folks don’t believe me believe me, but believe their own words. Look at the leading Democratic Blog, the Daily Kos search through the Anti-Semitic posts and cartoons. You can’t make this stuff up.
The day after tomorrow may be one of the most important days in American History. You are deciding whether our boarders are to remain secure, and in many ways you may be deciding if Israel is allowed to exist as a free democratic American ally. And for those of us who grew up in the Jewish faith, remember it your vote may be the one that keeps alive the dream our people have held for over 2000 years. The future of America, Israel and ultimately the Jewish people are in your hands.
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