70 + Rockets hit Sedrot in since Tuesday. Almost 1,500 in the last twelve months. And through it all the government of Israel continues to ignore the basic responsiblity of any government. Its called a social contract. The people agree to pay taxes, follow laws etc. (and in the case of Israel ignore Olmert’s ugly comb-over) and the government agrees to protect the people’s lives and property. When you get right down to it..that social contract is all you have to know to run a government…”the rest” as the great Rabbi Hillel said, “is commentary, now go learn it” Without that protection of life and property then the people have the right to break the contract and rebel. Olmert has not been keeping up his end of the contract. His latest is that he refuses to help reinforce the homes in Sedrot, because then he has to help everybody.. Well Mr. Funny- Haired Prime Minister…without the guarantee of protection THERE IS NO USE FOR GOVERNMENT. The people in Sedrot can build their own sewers or name their own streets, your job is to make sure that when they wake up in the morning there is no hole in the roof and no family member blown to smithereens. Thats it..the basic part of government. A Prime Minister that can’t find a way to protect the country is like an accountant who can’t count to ten—>USELESS !

Government Refuses to Fortify Sderot, Fears Setting Precedent by Hana Levi Julian (IsraelNN.com) While dozens of Kassam rockets rained down on Sderot and other western Negev communities Wednesday morning, the state prosecution told the Supreme Court it does not want to reinforce buildings in the besieged city. State Prosecution attorney Dina Silber said fortification of Sderot homes would “constitute a significant precedent affecting homes in numerous other parts of the country, which are or soon will be subject to rocket fire.” “The state cannot afford to work under the false impression that this policy would apply only to the Sderot area,” Silber argued. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said last month that some NIS 50 million would be allocated in January 2008 to “enhance the resilience of the residents of communities bordering on the Gaza Strip.” At the time, Olmert said the money would be used to fortify houses and public buildings, according to Haaretz. The state prosecution recommended instead that residents of the western Negev build up their stamina in the face of the attacks. “Their endurance, and not reinforcement of houses, is the main feature of the issue at hand,” she said. “Reinforcement is only one element in the protection of the Home Front against rocket fire.” The government is fighting a petition by 30 Sderot residents who are demanding the court to order it to fortify 800 homes in the city against the constant rocket attacks.