This commentary written by My friend Pamela of Atlas Shrugs is so Spot on, I just had to share

Waiting for the Other Shoe to drop Fly

Shoe_bush When Islam threw their dirty stinkin shoe in the face of the West, I waited to watch the response. The Arab world, predictably, loved it. Their failure as a society is so monstrous and pathetic, that defiling and defacing the good now a knee jerk reaction. No surprise there. The leftwing media tools delight in American humiliation – for that’s what it was, a shoe thrown in the face of every American. They can play it any way they want, the bottom line is the POTUS is the quintessential American icon. Period I looked to Iraq for their reaction. (video here). If Bush is guilty of anything, it’s believing that Islam is some minor player in all this – not the reason for the violence and aggression. He refuses to abandon this delusion and unfathomable mirage despite the incontrovertible facts. One can’t help but gasp at his plan for an Islamic imperialist “independent” Kosovo – again hoping against hope that Islam is a tangential but obnoxious factor – we know well the Bosnian Muslim thing is working out. The shoe in the face was sort of Shakespearean poetic. And Bush’s ability to duck and shadow shoebox was poetic as well. I couldn’t help but be impressed with his agility. Clearly, that shoe would (and will) break Obama’s nose (both literally and figuratively). Spencer’s column is best on this, “If the shoe fits, throw it”:

The Islamic world’s latest hero is Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the reporter for Cairo’s Al-Baghdadia TV channel who threw his shoes at President Bush at a press conference in Iraq on Sunday. Hasan Muhammad Makhafa, a wealthy Saudi, went on Dubai’s Al-Arabiya TV to call al-Zeidi’s shoes “a symbol of freedom not just footwear. They represent a victory for those who have disgraced the Arabs by occupying their lands and killing innocent people.” Makhafa was so enthusiastic about this grand gesture of freedom that he offered to plunk down a cool $10 million for the heroic dress shoes. (Makhafa, by the way, is an elementary school teacher. How many elementary school teachers in America have ten million dollars to spend on a pair of shoes? Your gas money at work, folks!) The less well heeled were just as jazzed by al-Zeidi’s Wing-Tip Jihad. In Damascus, a street banner proclaimed, “Oh, heroic journalist, thank you so much for what you have done.” In Beirut, a Hizballah-affiliated journalist, Ibrahim Mousawi, exulted: “It’s the talk of the city. Everyone is proud of this man, and they’re saying he did it in our name.” Ali Qeisi of the Jordan-based “Society of Victims of the US Occupation in Iraq” declared: “All US soldiers who have used their shoes to humiliate Iraqis should be brought to justice, along with their US superiors, including Bush.” And the querulous Lebanese-American professor Asad Abu Khalil, who calls himself “The Angry Arab,” thundered that “the flying shoe speaks more for Arab public opinion than all the despots/puppets that Bush meets with during his travels in the Middle East.” Meanwhile, according to news reports, “thousands of Iraqis” demonstrated in three cities — Baghdad, Basra and Najaf — to hail al-Zeidi as a hero and demand his release from prison, where he has been held since the attack. There hasn’t been this much excitement in the Islamic world over anyone since…Osama bin Laden, whose ascetic visage could be found after 9/11 gracing t-shirts, visors, cigarette lighters, children’s toys and more.

And only in an America- liberated Iraq could Bush shoe-thrower ‘Sue for Police Beating‘ There is much more to be concern about when considering the ramifications of our willful blindness Click here to read the rest