I mean it! If Mitt Romney is shoved down our throats again, I am going to shoot that dog.

On Thursday evening, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa of The Washington Post reported some disturbing news. The “Republican establishment” is very concerned that Donald Trump or Ben Carson may end up with the 2016 nomination and to ensure a candidate that is superior (in their minds) they are trying to convince 2012 loser, Mitt Romney to run again in 2016 (note the emphasis on loser).

According to other Republicans, some in the party establishment are so desperate to change the dynamic that they are talking anew about drafting Romney — despite his insistence that he will not run again. Friends have mapped out a strategy for a late entry to pick up delegates and vie for the nomination in a convention fight, according to the Republicans who were briefed on the talks, though Romney has shown no indication of reviving his interest.

For months, the GOP professional class assumed Trump and Carson would fizzle with time. Voters would get serious, the thinking went, after seeing the outsiders share a stage with more experienced politicians at the first debate. Or when summer turned to fall, kids went back to school and parents had time to assess the candidates. Or after the second, third or fourth debates, certainly.

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Apparently what this supposed establishment fears is a candidate who is so outside of what the general American voter base is looking for that they end up with a candidate like a Barry Goldwater or George McGovern, who lost their presidential bids so badly they bring down the party with them. They fear a Carson or a Trump candidacy will not only give the Democrats the White House but the Senate and State Legislatures also.

They are also worried if the reverse happened:

The apprehension among some party elites goes beyond electability, according to one Republican strategist who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about the worries.

“We’re potentially careening down this road of nominating somebody who frankly isn’t fit to be president in terms of the basic ability and temperament to do the job,” this strategist said. “It’s not just that it could be somebody Hillary could destroy electorally, but what if Hillary hits a banana peel and this person becomes president?”

The “establishment” they are talking about is not the RNC but the big GOP donors, the ones who give (or collect from others) millions of dollars every election season.

(…) Many of Romney’s 2012 National Finance Committee members have sat out the race so far, including Peter A. Wish, a Florida doctor whom several 2016 candidates have courted.“I’m not a happy camper,” Wish said. “Hopefully, somebody will emerge who will be able to do the job,” but, he added, “I’m very worried that the Republican-base voter is more motivated by anger, distrust of D.C. and politicians and will throw away the opportunity to nominate a candidate with proven experience that can win.”

Personally I am not in love with many of the policies coming out of the Trump and Carson camps, but nothing will guarantee a Hillary Clinton win more than a few rich donors trying to shove Mitt Romney down the throats of GOP voters.

The reason Donald Trump and Ben Carson combined have the support of about half the Republican voter base is that people are angry with the party leadership and the candidates they have been offering in recent times.  If they try and recycle Mitt Romney much of that 50% will sit on their hands on 2016 election day, and that would be on top of the many conservative Republicans who stayed home in 2012 because they couldn’t bring themselves to support the Romney candidacy.


Look at the 2016 “establishment favorite” Jeb Bush (the guy who got much of their money) he’s got about 4% of the GOP voter support because voters do not want the same old establishment policies.

Mitt Romney is one of the most decent human beings ever to run for POTUS, but he is a lousy candidate the 2012 election was handed to him on a silver platter and he still lost.  Four years before Romney those same donors gave us John McCain, also a decent man and a war hero to boot. But McCain was also a lousy candidate and couldn’t motivate the party faithful.

In the end, neither Donald Trump or Ben Carson are at the top of my personal candidate list, but either one would be better than Hillary Clinton—and there is still a very long time to go. If Philip Rucker and Robert Costa are correct and the GOP elite money guys try to shove Mitt Romney down all of our throats, it will destroy the country via a Hillary Clinton presidency and destroy the party because a large block of the Republican base will get fed up and either stay home or support a third party ticked.

A Romney push will also be deadly for the dog at the top of this post. Sorry but desperate times call for desperate measures. And don’t get angry at me, it won’t be my fault it will be the fault of those elite donors and the former presidential candidate who used to put dogs on top of his car.

Note To Readers Who Object To Dog Picture:

Since this post was published I have received comments from people upset about the picture of the dog, and the surrounding theme of the post. The picture above comes from the one of the most Iconic magazine covers ever (see below). This 1973 National Lampoon cover was named by magazine editors as one of the the top magazine covers in the past 40 years. It was  mocking the way other magazines sold subscriptions using it in this post was my way of mocking the way establishment Republicans shove candidates down our throats. Sorry if you thought I was trying to send a message that it was okay to shoot a dog (I wasn’t) but to be honest, if you don’t like the picture I am sorry.

BTW for those of you who might be concerned, I wasn’t actually condoning sticking a fork into the Mitt Romney campaign either.