When Israelis are inducted into the IDF they receive the two most important things they will need in war, their gun, and a tanach. The gun is to protect their bodies, and the Tanach to protect their souls—so they remember how G-d says we should act during a war. We are not taught to Kill all the infidels like the “religion of peace.” We are taught that wars must be waged as humane as possible. Israel answers to a higher authority. That doesn’t mean there wont be a rare deranged person in the IDF anxious to wage a massacre, what it means is they will be found and prosecuted. That is one thing that our Arab “friends” will never understand. We are taught NOT to act like them. So when we Israel dig by a site that is holy to many religions we take steps to preserve its integrity, we don’t destroy their relics as the Wafq had when it dug by Solomon’s mines. They Kill Israeli civilians to glorify their leaders. Israel kills Terrorist leaders as not to have to hurt their citizens.

Such is the case with the Egyptian POWs from the Six Day War. It has now been twice proven that Israel didn’t kill 25o POWs. It is prohibited in the Tanach our real “rules of engagement” (See:There Was NO “Massacre” of Egyptian POWs ). Now we find out the reason why the Egyptians were so fearful that Israel would kill their POWs, because they are afraid the Israel soldiers would act the same way as Egyptian and Syrian ones. During the Yom Kippur war dozens perhaps hundreds of captured IDF solders were massacred.

JPOST.com Egyptians killed “dozens, if not hundreds” of captured Israeli soldiers in the 1973 Mideast war, according excerpts of an Israeli TV documentary screened Sunday, responding to charges that Israeli forces killed captured Egyptian soldiers in an earlier conflict. Channel 10 TV showed parts of interviews with Israelis who served in the 1973 conflict, relating specific cases in which they said Egyptian forces killed soldiers who had been captured or had surrendered. Channel 10 said its documentary was a response to the outcry over “Ruah Shaked”, a documentary shown earlier this month, which Egyptian media said showed that IDF soldiers had executed some 250 Egyptian POWs during the 1967 war. The documentary sparked widespread outrage in Egypt and a crisis in relations between the two countries, which signed a peace treaty in 1978. The documentary producer denied that his film had made such an allegation. Participants said the 250 were armed Palestinian fighters killed in a battle, but senior Egyptian officials demanded an investigation. In the 1973 war, IDF forces were caught by surprise in a two-front lighting attack by Egyptian and Syrian armies. Thousands of IDF soldiers on the front lines were killed, wounded or captured. The Channel 10 documentary showed footage of what it said were Israeli soldiers, their hands bound behind their backs, shot to death in the Golan Heights and the Sinai desert. Defense correspondent Alon Ben-David concluded, “Investigations of the Egyptian army’s behavior in wars against Israel will find dozens, if not hundreds, of cases of captured Israeli soldiers murdered in cold blood by their Egyptians captors.” One of the ex-soldiers, Issachar Ben-Gavriel, said he witnessed one of the incidents. He said he was one of a group of 19 Israeli soldiers who surrendered at the Suez Canal, flying white flags and raising their hands. “They (Egyptians) just shot them,” he said, “11 guys.” Another Israeli who fought in the 1973 war, Eitan Mor-Gan, said he was in a group of captured soldiers who were lined up against a wall. Mor-Gan said before opening fire at them, an Egyptian officer told the soldiers, “I will kill whoever stays on the ground will be killed. Whoever manages to get up will be saved.” In another case, an ex-soldier told of a fighter in his unit who was captured alive but beaten to death during interrogation. Ben-David said the interviews were done during a visit by the ex-soldiers to the sites of the Sinai desert battles, which have been turned into museums by the Egyptians.