Over the Memorial Day weekend, Ian Bremmer a columnist for Time fabricated a quote about North Korea that he claimed Trump said and despite later admitting that it was fake, the lie-filled quote went viral after being pushed by his liberal pals.

Before we look at his fake news quote, remember that this incident occurred over the same few days that liberals were criticizing people for passing around what they are claiming is a “fake video” of Nancy Pelosi.

So, while liberals are attacking people for pushing a “fake video” of Pelosi, they have no problem at all pushing around a fake quote supposedly uttered by Trump!

There was an earlier Pelosi video not passed around by the President that manipulated and slowed down the video to make the accusation that Pelosi was drunk. That was a fake video. But the video in question featured Pelosi slurring and unable to get two words out isn’t a “fake video,” it is a compilation of all her stammers during one press op edited together as they were made.

So, even as the fake news media continues to call it a “fake video,” it is NOT a fake video.

Typical of the hypocrites on the left, even as they are acting all shocked and bothered by the above not-so fake Pelosi video, they are pushing a phony quote about Trump.

The fake quote was invented by foreign affairs columnist and editor-at-large for Time, political scientist, Prof at NYU, Ian Bremmer.

On Sunday, Bremmer wrote, “President Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.’”

Soon all sorts of liberals began tweeting the fake quote thinking it was real. Liberals who pushed the lie included CNN hypocrite Ana Navarro, and extreme leftist California Congressman Ted Lieu.

And then people began confronting Bremmer on the quote.

Ultimately, he admitted it was fake, but claimed that he did it on purpose to prove that people will post any quote — whether it is real or not — because it fits their political ideas.

Bremmer later tried to warn that he made up the quote by tweeting that his fake quote was “ludicrous.”

“This is objectively a completely ludicrous quote,” Bremmer later wrote. “And yet kinda plausible. Especially on Twitter, where people automatically support whatever political position they have. That’s the point.”

Amusingly, Bremmer was one of those leftists caterwauling for the removal of that Pelosi video!

The lesson here is that leftists can push fake news if it works against Trump, but no one else can promote their ideas if it works against Democrats.

President Trump also slammed Bremmer for his lie:

Finally, Bremmer apologized after President Trump pointed out his lie:

Note: Bremmer lives in NYC but describes himself as a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan. He lives in the United States but I wonder which country is his favorite? Just asking.

At the very least instead of quoting him, even liberals should know that Ian Bremmer is not a fan of President Trump, and anything he reports about the president is probably a lie. I wonder how many liberals thought the below was real.

Most of this post was first seen at Godfather Politics