Today I got almost 200 emails. Once I got rid the spam my filter missed, I was left with some passionate comments about the election, some extremely joyous, some profoundly sad. Even though I have spent much of the day in the profoundly sad category, both reactions are probably wrong.

In the end we Republicans did it to ourselves. We failed to articulate how good the economy is doing. We didn’t show the American people the successes in Iraq. We didn’t make people understand that the War on Terror is not a “conventional” battle. The Grand Old Party better figure out how to communcate things better…and soon. The campaign for President starts tomorrow.

When I dahvened this morning, I prayed that everything I said about the Democrats over the last few months was wrong. I prayed that congress wouldn’t force the President to hand the terrorists their biggest victory since Oslo. I prayed that they would leave the economy alone as it is humming on all cylinders. I begged my maker to make me eat crow (or the Kosher version) with regards to the Anti-Israel undercurrent that has been taking over the Democratic Party. I pray that I was wrong. I fear that I am not.

Yesterday’s election separates us from the Islamic Fascists who are trying to kill us. The party in power lost, a different philosophy won, yet there were no gun battles, no mass rapes, no suicide bombers no clerics enticing us with 72 virgins.

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By Lunchtime the New Speaker of the House said that she was looking forward to working closely with the President. And to cooperation easier, Rumsfeld quits (Fired?). We do it through debate, discussion and free elections, and in the end that’s is why democracy will win out.

Oh don’t worry, I am not turning into a softie, over the next two years we must remain vigilant. Open out mouths, scream bloody murder when the Dems are wrong, but we also must show the difference between the parties. Unlike what we have seen over the last six years we must try to work together with the Democrats rather than adopting their practice of being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

OK Dems you have the congress, together we will work to build the country, but remember we are watching you.

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