Thanks to you, readers of “The Lid,” 2011 was a very successful been a successful year for this site, we continued to break stories you couldn’t find elsewhere. The Lid provided internal documents from the internal house debate about the debt ceiling debate, was the first to report on the internal Chief Actuary Study of Medicare blasting Obamacare, the Racism of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Antisemitism of Media Matters for America and many others.

While I have added advertising to the site traffic is still not up to a level that will generate enough ad revenue to keep the site running as a full time endeavor (it up 40% vs this time last year). On the other hand some of my paid writing gigs such as Newsrealblog have closed.

 Last year I began to pay for insider subscriptions to research firm such as Rasmussen, that will become a more critical resource as we grow closer to the election.  I have taken a non writing Job to supplement my income which is good but it presents other challengers. Now half of my writing takes place while commuting, which means I am paying for a second internet source, a mi-fi card which because of high usage is costing over $100/month and I’m seeking to purchase a second, lighter computer for commuting purposes. Those of you who know me personally know about the back/neck problems which have forced me at times to use a cane/wheelchair so the lighter equipment is necessary.

While I continue to work on building traffic/ad revenue and search for some paid writing gigs, until, that happens, “The Lid” Needs to Raise Some Money To Keep Delivering the best Common Sense Political and Middle East News.

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