This if from the National Review Online’s media blog—its priceless

“I’ll Just Enter That Code”
10/30 04:12 PM

To follow up on this item about declining circulation at the New York Times and other big papers, reader John B. sends the following e-mail:

Stephen: Not ten minutes ago, I hung up the phone after canceling my New York Times subscription after 28 years. Truth be told, I was taking only the Sunday paper, and that mostly because my wife liked looking at the style sections. But when the paper sat there for two days last week without being touched by either of us, we decided it was time to cut the cord.

The interesting thing was, when I called to cancel, I expected to get somebody who would seek to convince me to change my mind. Not only did he not seek to change my mind, when I told him I was canceling because I couldn’t take the paper’s political agenda any longer, he wasn’t at all surprised. “I’ll just enter that code,” he said. I asked, “You have a code for cancellations because of political bias?” and he responded, “Oh yes. We have a code for everything. We hear about this from other people.” So I guess we’re not alone.

Nope. And furthermore, I would imagine that the NYT’s operators have worn the printing off that button on their keyboards.

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