Today at 7 AM James Baker will be giving a preview of his Iraq study group report to President Bush. Afterwards the study he will be releasing his report to the general public. It has been widely speculated that the report will blame Israel for the war and for any tension in the Middle East.

As I write this, I am on a plane from my Nashville home to Washington DC. As I looked for a copy of the in-flight magazine in the pouch in front of me, there under an old coffee cup that smelled like whiskey, I found scribbled notes on a legal pad. On the top of the page it said:

The Iraq Study Group First Draft by James Baker

How Cool is that…I stumbled Baker’s notes for the report that the President is going to see tomorrow! I couldn’t to land so I could get on the internet and share with you the highlights below:

  • The reason for all of America’s problems in the Middle East is the Zionist,er Kike I mean, Jewish lobby which controls all foreign policy. The only way to win in Iraq is for Israel to return to the Pre-1947 borders.
  • TV hasn’t been the same since those Jewish network executives took Hee Haw off the air.
  • We should try to keep Echud Olmert in power since he is so easy to control. We do have to help him with his hair—that comb-over has to go.
  • Is it me or has anybody else noticed how there were no Jews working in the towers on 9/11?
  • We need to hold talks with Syria and Iran, lets face it they really know how to motivate terrorists to kill Israelis.
  • The US needs to work with the UN — form a commission to investigate why Israel is breaking international law by allowing its citizens to bleed on the street, when terrorists blow themselves up in public places.
  • The President should replace Rice with a Democrat for Sec of State, Jimmy Carter would be a great choice. he is more even handed on Mid-East Issues
  • Now that we are honoring Koffi Annan, we should honor a broader list of great humanitarians people like Desmond Tutu and Mel Gibson.
  • Mossad is secretly working to destabilize the United States of America the movie Borat was the first step.
  • You ever notice that you can never find the DVD’s you want at Blockbuster video? Israel not only occupies Palestinian lands, but also also all the good DVDs. That’s why you can never find Vern movies.
  • Bush began to lose support after hurricane Katrina. Doesn’t Katrina sound like a Jewish name?
  • The US should allow Iran to develop nukes, as long as they confine their bombs to Israel.
  • That Russian spy killed in Great Britain, he was killed by a Jewish doctor.
  • My favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers; they lost to the NY Jets this week. This is part of the Zionist conspiracy — after all NY has a lot of Heebies, Hymies, er, Jews.
  • F*@K em ! They didn’t vote for us anyway