To post as many times a day as I do, I needed to become something of a news junkie, but I think its time to go into re-hab for my addiction.You see, I get so frustrated watching the bias on the news channels every day. I scream at the TV (as if they could hear me) But all the time it’s the same old liberal agenda….only reporting the bad news in the war on terror… treating Barack Obama as a messianic figure….constantly ignoring attack on Israel while pumping up Israel’s attempts to protect herself ..I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! Yesterday my wife had to stop me from kicking a hole in Tim Russart’s face. My Doctor is worried about what happens to my blood pressure when I watch the news. I NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!Folks I am turning over a new leaf, no more TV news. Gilligan’s Island reruns on TV Land, maybe, but news no. The more I watch, the more I upset I get. And the worst part is –mean things come across my mind. Nasty things about newscasters and the networks—thoughts that can’t be true, I start cursing in ancient tongues that I didn’t know I knew.
Last month for example, I watched reports about the world’s reaction to the Israeli operation in Gaza to stop Hamas from adding to its total of over 3,000 rockets fired at Negev Communities. I saw the media describe the rockets as almost harmless, and comparing Hamas’ attacks on civilians to Israeli attacks on terrorists as “Tit for tat”. Even though the rocket attacks contunue there has been absolutely no coverage. I swear If I didn’t have such a bad back I would throw my TV out the window.
I don’t like when my mind wanders into this angry territory. It goes against everything I was taught. Maybe I should learn to watch Celebrity Fit Club, because when I watch MSNBC I get the feeling that they are hiding a dirty little secret…they all work for the Obama campaign. Hell Keith Olbermann could be the Senator’s spiritual adviser since he sometimes sounds as ridiculous as Obama’s racist preacher. His rant calling the President of the United States a “Pathological liar or idiot-in-chief?” could have very well been a Sunday sermon in Obama’s Church.
Maybe I should switch from CNN to TMZ because it is wrong for me to think so poorly of the media when it doesn’t report about Israel’s neighbors in Arab countries. It seems like once a week, MEMRI reports that Egypt or Saudi Arabia comparing Israeli actions to the Nazi’s. Every time I look for one of the mainstream news media to carry that story its missing. Could it be that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a big chunk of both News Corp (FOX) and Time Warner (CNN).
I keep thinking that if they did not constantly support terror maybe there would be peace, remember how Christina Imawore compared the religious right in the US to the Palestinian terrorists? If the news didn’t constantly give coverage to the organizations that associate with terror such as CAIR—or defenders of racism such as Al Sharpton, maybe there would be a little more peace in the world. Till then I am going to spend my time with MASH reruns.
My parents taught me to be nice to people, so the switch is on. Goodbye Katie Couric and hello Sponge Bob Square Pants. You see, when the she reports a skewed story such as the report on the McCain staffer who passed around the Obama video saying it was done on purpose ( even though the guy was suspended for his act) my face gets red and I scare the dog (CBS Castigates McCain Staffer for Obama/Wright Video). It must be all in my head— it simply can’t be true–After all, we are talking about the PRESS here ! This is AMERICA, there is a long tradition of a fair and noble press. Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, these guys were heroes. It can’t be that they are promoting their own agenda–it has to be me. Maybe I dropped too much acid in the 1960’s when I was in grade school. I don’t remember taking any, but I could have forgotten… I could be having a Flashback. I bet that’s it. The press wouldn’t skew their reports. I am just going to have to get away from it for while—I am just going to have to thumb over to a different channel. I got it!!! Judge Judy — she usually has all the answers.