Thus saith the Trumpster, “Do as I say, not as I do.” 

A Washington Post report reveals the bloviating billionaire of  birtherism, Donald Trump employs illegal aliens as part of the crew building a new hotel in Washington, D.C.. 

Trump of course is embroiled in a controversy for his statement about Mexican Illegal immigrants made during his announcement speech. The real estate mogul  was correct about the problem of porous U.S. boarders. At the same time the verbiage he used,” They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists. Some, I assume are good people” was politically stupid, and too divisive for somebody trying to be president of ALL the United States. 

Now it seems Trump who spends must of his time lashing out at other Republicans has a illegal immigration problem of his own, according to the Washington Post:

“It’s something ironic,” said Ivan Arellano, 29, who is from Mexico and obtained legal status through marriage. He now works as a mason laying the stonework for the lobby floor and walls of what will become the Trump International Hotel.

“The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally,” Arellano said in Spanish. “And we’re all here working very hard to build a better life for our families.”

Interviews with about 15 laborers helping renovate the Old Post Office Pavilion revealed that many of them had crossed the U.S-Mexico border illegally before they eventually settled in the Washington region to build new lives.

Several of the men, who hail mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, have earned U.S. citizenship or legal status through immigration programs targeting Central Americans fleeing civil wars or natural disasters. Others quietly acknowledged that they remain in the country illegally.

(…) Several of the laborers — who travel to work from as far away as Baltimore or Manassas, Va., every day — fumed at Trump’s comments, saying that they have led honest lives that have allowed them to buy homes and raise U.S.-born children.

“Do you think that when we’re hanging out there from the eighth floor that we’re raping or selling drugs?” Ramon Alvarez, 48, a window worker from El Salvador, said during a break Monday morning just outside the construction site. “We’re risking our lives and our health. A lot of the chemicals we deal with are toxic.”

When asked about the illegals, the Trump organization blamed the contractors, which may be very true. But if you were going to make the kind of statements about Illegals like Trump did, wouldn’t you have your organization double check?  Either way this revelation is not “a good thing” for The Donald.