What’s that Mr. Putin? You think that Israel should talk to Hamas? The “quartet” should end its blockade of the terrorist organization? Could it be I hear the sound of Hypocrisy? Who are you talking about Mr. Putin…look at their faces…terrorist faces, guerilla fighting faces… civilian killing Islamic faces, CHECHEN FACES?????

For years you have refused to deal with the Chechen terrorists here is what you had to say in September 2004:

Putin rules out Chechen talks
Updated: 2004-09-17 08:58
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ruled out negotiations with Chechen rebels after the Beslan school bloodbath, further straining ties with Western leaders who are pressing for a political solution to Chechnya. The Kremlin leader put the gunmen who staged the school mass hostage-taking on the same footing as Osama bin Laden whose overtures he said had been rejected by all civilised societies because of his methods.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, shown in a recent file photo, has ruled out any negotiations with Chechen rebel leaders following the Beslan school hostage-seizure. [Reuters]

“The atrocities we encountered in Beslan give us the full moral right to insist that

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the people who are opposing Russia are part of the ‘terrorist internationale’,” Putin told a news conference in the Kazakh capital on Thursday, during a meeting of leaders of ex-Soviet states. “Legality and toughness” were the only course to follow. His uncompromising stand two weeks after the Beslan siege, in which more than 320 died, half of them children, is certain to ruffle relations with Russia’s Western partners.

So which is it Vlady? Do you have memory problems? Or is it that you think that Jewish blood is cheap? Maybe you didn’t know that Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov was going to say that he going to use the “quartet” meeting urge the lifting of the economic sanctions on the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. Because what Saltanov said doesn’t sound like the same government that said terrorists should be dealt with “Legality and toughness”