Let me apologize upfront. I know its not nice to talk about people this way but Democratic Party chairman should not not be allowed out in public, the guy is a drooling idiot. He was on with Chris Wallace this morning and I wanted to jump into my TV set and smack him across the face to try to bring the poor creature back to reality.

I am so tired of hearing the Democrats blame the GOP for starting the Wright controversy and the media for allowing it to continue.

Today Dean said the following on Fox News:

“When you start bringing up things that have nothing to do with the candidate and nothing to do with the issues, that’s race baiting,” Dean said on Fox News Sunday in response to a question whether the Wright issue and his ties to Obama hurt Democrats down ticket. “There’s a lot of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats on issues, but the biggest issue of all is we don’t use this kind of stuff. We never have used this kind of stuff, and we’re not going to start now,” said the DNC chairman. “America is more important than the Republican Party, and that’s the lesson that the voters are about to teach the Republicans.” Source: The Hill.

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Heres a fact Senator Dean, that most Americans understand and that your brain is a bit to feeble to comprehend. The Jerimaiah Wright issue as it relates to Senator Obama has nothing to do with race, nor does it have anything to do with whether the young Senator believes the hatred his bigoted preacher spewed in a Church on Sundays. It has everything to do with credibility and character.

This past Monday, Rev. Wright only reiterated what he had said in those sermons we saw on you tube months ago. Yet the first time Obama truly expressed horror was this past Tuesday when polls began to reflect a slide in his approval ratings. According to the Rasmussen Poll released only 36% of DEMOCRATS believe the Senator when he said that his Tuesday speech was motivated by outrage. MOST of Howard Dean’s Democrats believe the only reason he distanced himself from Wright was political expediency.

The Wright controversy is only ONE example of issues where the the Senator has given responses that have called his credibility into question. Here are a few more: that phony story about the Army Captain he used in his stump speech, or his lies about supporting Israel, or his promises to the Palestinians, or his relationship with American Terrorists, or Che Lovers, or the relationship with Tony Rezko, how about his lie about not taking oil money, and don’t forget that little lie about Canada and NAFTA.

It is inherent in the liberal philosophy not to trust the common people, thats why you need all of the government regulation. Howard Dean does not trust the American People enough to urge Obama to be straight with the people he wants to serve as president.