I always wondered how we did it, you know, how one group that represents such a minuscule segment of the word population got to control the world (I also wondered what I did wrong personally—since not only am I not part of the control, but I have never met anyone who is).

Now, thanks to MEMRI the secret is out. We control the world through Drug trafficking. A Lebanese TV report on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion airing on NBN TV on October 22, 2007 broadcast this and other “Jewish secrets” to the world including:

“Jews Purport to Have Their Own Private God in the Heavens, Who Commanded Them to Annihilate the… Peoples of the World Using Drugs”

If someone knows what book of the Torah I can find that in please let me know.

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…..”Isn’t it true that these Jewish plots to corrupt the peoples were described by American ‘plot-disrupters,’ such as Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford, and even by some Jews, like Alfred Lilienthal, and even Karl Marx, who, more than 150 years ago, exposed in his book On the Jewish Question that there was an instinct within the Jewish individual that drives him to take control of the world, by means of illegal money – which is known today as ‘money laundering?'” […]

Does that mean the Holy Land Foundation is run by Jews?

….”The Koran said about them: ‘They strive to spread corruption throughout the land.’ Spreading corruption throughout the land is the declared goal of the Zionist hands of evil, which are infiltrating the world. The Zionists have summarized their destructive principles in what has become known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which contains their secret plan to subjugate the entire world by spreading chaos and promiscuity among the nations, by imposing corrupt and depraved ideologies on human minds, and by destroying the foundations of religion, nationalism, and morality.

They got us there, corrupt Ideology such as “love they neighbor, respect your elders, honor your mother and father, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t mutilate your daughters sex organs when she reaches puberty, and of course don’t strap on an explosive belt and blow up yourself and 40 others on a bus”

…”In addition to the provoking of civil strife and to the poisoning of minds, the Jews have turned to physical poisoning. They became known in history for poisoning wells. They are also known for adding certain amounts of harmful substances to medicine and alcoholic beverages, as well as to flour and its products, and to other products that the Jews export, directly and indirectly, to unfriendly peoples, if not to all peoples.”

OH-OH I better talk to my nephew the PHD, he is being courted by all of the major pharmaceutical companies. I don’t want him getting mixed up in this poisoning thing? Wait..If we have been poisening the alcoholic beverages how would they know, I thought Muslims aren’t allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

….”In The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the end justifies the means, and when the forces of society are in a state of disarray, the power of the Jews is stronger than that of anyone else.”

And for those of us that are Jewish we know that the Jewish Mothers are the strongest of all.

“Moreover, the ninth Zionist protocol states, in a banal way, that any revolution against the Jews must be made [as futile as] a dog barking at an elephant. The third Zionist protocol states that other nations must be left sick, poor, and lacking any determination or strength.

If you want to know some more about how we control the world—I recommend that you read the entire article, by clicking Here