Media outlets recently used California governor Newsom’s one-day visit to Israel as part of a humanitarian trip as a lead-in to his participation in a tour of China’s climate change policies. Using typical Orwellian double-speak, the Ministry of Disinformation will pretend that China’s Green Industrial efforts are part of a highly successful international partnership to save the planet while creating high-paying sustainable jobs in a new clean energy marketplace. Utilizing the same deceptive business practices as his wife’s new SEL Climate Corps, political Spin Doctors would have citizens believe this type of government job creation program is actually making profits under California’s Green Business Program. This should not be confused with the US Dept of Energy’s new Climate Corps, which is being intentionally used to jack up electric rates under a plan by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to spend $65 billion promoting environmental Social Justice.

Americans weren’t informed that China had attached strategic importance to “ecological civilization” in 2014 as an integral part of China’s economic modernization. That was when the Obama regime was crafting its Clean Power Plan and producing bizarre technical reports like Barriers To Industrial Energy Efficiency. Which had bureaucrats pretending that real engineers and factory managers were rejecting the cutting-edge technologies being produced by the EPA entrepreneurs because they didn’t accept UN science. What the State propagandist won’t disclose is that the myth was part of a larger false narrative begun many years ago by the Dept of Energy in collusion with UN groups like the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). An initiative operated by the UN, with funding provided by the European Union, Germany, Finland, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

The PAGE group comprises organizations such as UNIDO, the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the UN Institute for Training and Research, which function similarly to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). This represents other large groups of big businesses dedicated to driving up electrical rates while pretending to save the planet for the poor and downtrodden. This was when UN diplomats perfected the art of producing bogus technical reports that would identify problems caused by pollution, then pretend that some type of government “certified” energy efficiency would provide the cure. Except, those mythical cures are never put into practice.

Fifteen years later, the PAGE group simply summarizes the failures of inadequate park infrastructure, lack of environmental awareness, inadequate application of clean technology, and ineffective use of energy and natural resources as just business as usual before going on to claim that strengthened international standards is what is needed by Chinese industrial parks to further raise their performance levels. God only knows how international standards would increase performance levels when the average politician can’t explain what the term ‘clean technology’ implies. Nothing could be improved because the entire process was an illusion.

This is similar to when President Ford sought to use a slogan about whipping inflation in 1974 by handing out WIN buttons (whip inflation now) so that do-nothing politicians could show support for those impacted by the government’s endless war on poverty. What the political class forgot to inform the public about were the changes made to the US Code 42 back in 2012. The chapter regarding Public Health and Welfare was altered to give the Dept of Energy extraordinary power, which included resolving conflicts with State energy plans through DOE consultation with State officials. This placed government officials on both sides of federal energy policies, leaving people unable to determine if these agents had any personal financial stakes in the multi-trillion dollar energy policies negotiated in proverbial smoke-filled backrooms.

The media has wholly censored information on a new “Worker Ownership Initiative” launched on September 12, 2023, to Build Wealth, Retain Quality Jobs, and Stabilize Businesses in Los Angeles County. Which is a partner of The United States Federation of Workers Cooperative, founded in 2004, that boasts of representing the 1,000 estimated Worker Coops and their 100,000 workers advancing economic justice. Knowing full well those cooperative efforts had absolutely nothing to do with reducing pollution in any manner.

The only people who would believe the radical social justice warriors make good salesmen are the bureaucrats who are controlling groups like the Association of Climate Change Officers offering training in the core competencies of the Certified Climate Change Professionals®These so-called energy experts are focused on helping to spend another $65 billion on Broadband equity to overcome an imaginary digital divide. The DOE turns to Hollywood hipsters to help them spend their $65 billion budget, which is also centered on radical Social Justice ideology.


All of these green efforts are aligned with the UN’s Paris Climate Deal and a host of other corrupt agencies like UNICEF that deceptively announced that “Weather disasters caused by climate change displaced 43 million children” from 2016 to 2021. Amazingly, these international green crusaders continue to not notice that it’s the endless wars that are creating their climate refugee problems, not the weather.

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