Only a politician this disconnected from the real world could make this kind of analogy.  Yesterday on a campaign stop he compared  President Obama to the miners who were stuck underground in Chile for seventy days. (see video)

“It was like the Chilean miners, but he, being the man he is, rolled up his sleeves and said ‘I am going to get us out of this hole,'” Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said in Las Vegas on Sunday. (if you cannot see video below, Click Here)

If Reid really wanted to compare the President to the Chilean Miners, a more accurate analogy would have been the entire Democratic Party leadership including Obama and Reid are like the Chilean Miners because they ignore the American People as if they have no communication with the outside world, kind of like they have been stuck underground since January 2009.

Another way Reid’s Analogy just doesn’t work was described by Daniel Henninger in the Opinion Journal.

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“Well at the risk of being too confrontational for people, I would be willing to call this an enormous victory for free-market capitalism. From the drill bit and fiber-optic cables which were made in Pennsylvania and Japan, respectively, to projectors used on Samsung cell phones from Korea…It all came together out there in that desert to bring these men up from half mile down.

The panel then goes on to compare the Chilean response to the Democrats reaction to the recent BP oil spill.

Its interesting that the Chilean Government faced a crisis and relied on the free market to successfully solve the problem. The United States, which is supposed to be the home of free-market capitalism relied on the Government for the inept BP oil spill cleanup.

That’s the part that Harry Reid and his Progressive Democratic partners don’t understand. Their solution to the economic downturn was to expand government. If instead Reid insisted on a solution that encouraged free-market growth, Nevada would not be suffering with 14% unemployment. Besides the extraordinary chuzpah of exploiting the Chilean miners for rank political gain, Reid managed to botch the analogy. It would be much more accurate to say that it’s the Tea Partiers have been drilling down to save the nation before we run out of liberty.