Now you would think that this would be an impossibility, after all the UNIFIL Troops have promised to keep Hizb’allah north of the the Litani River in Lebanon and of course prevent them from rearming. Who would think that the UN wouldn’t do their jobs. OK enough sarcasm, the Syrian/Iranian proxy is now threatening to open up a second front of rocket attacks to aid its terrorist buddies in Hamas:

Iranian proxy Hizb’allah (the party of Allah) will exploit this opportunity to open up a second front on the jihad against the Jews. The world rubs its hands in glee — and the UN world body, the collective negation of humanity, will do everything in its power to stop the Jews from surviving. The Jews MUST IGNORE EVERYONE. And LIVE.

Hizbullah Vows Revenge on Gaza
Hizbullah has vowed to attack Israel in the north in retaliation for the IDF military operation against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah issued a statement on Hizbullah’s Al-Manar television station Sunday, vowing that “northern Israel will burn as Gaza is burning.” Nasrallah rarely appears in person; he speaks via a video hook-up from his hideout due to fears of assassination by Israeli agents, following the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Nasrallah should have been removed from the planet in the war on Israel 2006.

Hizbullah officials were quoted in a number of Arabic-language publications on Saturday warning that they would not permit Israel to attack Gaza without retaliating. Last week seven Katyusha rockets were discovered primed and ready for launching in southern Lebanon, located near the northern border of Israel. All seven were aimed at targets in the Jewish State.

Seven Katyusha rockets were discovered in southern Lebanon Thursday, less than five kilometers, or three miles, from Israel’s northern border, primed and ready to fire.

Lebanese Army sappers were called to defuse the missiles. The 107-mm missiles, which were fitted with timing devices, were deployed in the Naqoura region, across the border from the central and western Galilee regions, and were set up to be launched at Israel. The source, which spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Katyushas were found in the area between the border towns of Naqoura and Teir Harfa, “a short while before the time set for their launching”.

UPDATE: Iran orders Muslims to defend “Palestinians” Supreme Nazi leader issues religious decree in support of Palestinians; Iranian Nazi parliamentarian likens Israel’s actions in Gaza to those of Hitler Read the Rest of the story at Atlas Shrugs by CLICKING HEREJack at Random Thoughts put together a Mini Carnival of Posts about the on going conflict. You can find that HERE