Paul Combetta, is the tech guy who helped Hillary Clinton bleach her server clean of the evidence requested from federal authorities, seems to have gone to online forums to find advice on how to commit the evil deed. Last week Combetta pled the fifth when testifying before the house oversight committee last week, but wasn’t as tight-lipped when trying to find out information on how to strip Clinton’s e-mail address from already sent and archived emails from fellow IT experts on Reddit. In the end a fellow tech guy told him the only thing he could do is delete the emails

The evidence was first posted at 8chan, it consisted of Reddit posts from two years ago.  The thread was titled  “Here is clear proof that Hillary sought to destroy evidence,” 

Here is the guy who wiped Hillary’s server asking about how to do it on Reddit. Yes. Seriously. He also asks how to replace real emails with fake ones.

His post happens right about the same time congress was requesting Clinton’s emails. He specifically said it was for a big name client who everybody would recognize.

A Reddit post has been found from Paul Combetta (the IT guy who got FBI immunity and deleted Hillary’s emails) proving they were covering up for Hillary.

First, notice Paul’s email address here:

He uses the same username on his Etsy page: (Backup )

Now look at the username of this Redditor asking how to strip the name of a “VERY VIP” from email archives.

(Note:the arrow was added by the Lid notice the name stonetear is the the same as the email address)


More evidence that this Hillary’s guy Paul Combetta is comes from a search engine for domain names. The listing was changed today but the email stayed the same.



When the “8chan”  information began to leak out  Stonetear started to delete his Reddit posts but before doing so, there was a rush to take screen shots on one of the pro-Trump Reddits:



Stonetear didn’t get positive answers regarding stripping out or replacing names. But one responder had an idea, “you can only delete emails after they are stored in a database. You can’t change them.”


Deleting the emails, no one would do that.

There is strong evidence that Paul Combetta is stonetear. And if he is stonetear his VERY VIP has to be Hillary Clinton. The question is, will congress or the FBI bother to investigate?