Today the State Department is releasing another dump of those long-awaited emails from Hillary Clinton’s server. According to Ed Henry about 150 of those non-deleted Hillary Clinton emails that will be released tonight will have some classified information on them. Henry said more than 7,000 pages of Clinton’s official email would be released around 9 p.m. EDT.

“We’re now learning the most important piece of information of all, which is about 150 of these Clinton emails that will be released in this batch have some classified information in them, so they will be blacked out, redacted. Why is that significant? Well, to recap, the State Department had already told us there were at least 63 emails with some classified information in them based on the previous three months of information emails they had released every 30 days. This is big. About 150 emails with classified information, we’re told.”

Remember the former Secretary of State first said there was no classified information on the server, then it was there was no information that was classified at the time, and the latest excuse is there was noting with a classified label on her server. 

According to one expert it is impossible for classified information to move from a secure server to an insecure server accidentally.

“It is hard to move classified documents into the non-classified system. You couldn’t move a document by mistake,” said Willes Lee, a former operations officer for the U.S. Army in Europe and former operations officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

State Department spokesman Alec Gerlach confirmed the two systems don’t connect. “The classified and unclassified system are separate and you cannot email between the two,” Gerlach told Fox News.

(…) So if the Clinton denial is to be believed, individuals in her inner circle would have simply typed or scanned classified information into a non-classified system without regard for its contents. In this case, emails would have started in, and stayed in, the unclassified system — albeit improperly, based on the findings of the intelligence inspector general.

But if it turns out emails literally jumped from the classified to the non-classified system — something the State Department claims cannot happen — it would seem to point to Clinton’s staff going to great lengths to create a work-around to do so.

A government employee doing so would commit numerous felonies, according to Bradford Higgins, who served as assistant secretary of state for resource management and chief financial officer from 2006-2009. “A violation, in addition to criminal charges and potential prosecution, would likely mean that person who committed the breach would never again be given a security clearance,” Higgins said.

I know! Maybe Hillary’s next excuse will be she didn’t put the classified information on her server, neither did any on her team.  In a perfect Clintonian excuse the former secretary of state is going to blame the tooth fairy’s lesser known brother, the Evil Email Server Fairy.