Hillary voter suppression

Hillary Clinton spoke at an event titled ‘In Defense of American Democracy.’ on Tuesday and gave a new excuse for her loss to Donald Trump, voter suppression in Wisconsin.

The forum, which was held in Washington D.C. on Tuesday morning (which included Joy Reid bashing Christians) produced some predictably laughable arguments on the two-time presidential election loser’s part.

Let us repeat that – the woman who repeatedly brags about winning the popular vote in 2016 believes she was actually a victim of voter suppression.

“Officials [in Wisconsin] made every excuse in the books to prevent people from voting,” Clinton claimed.

“You can run the best campaign and have the best plans and get the nomination and win the popular vote and you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election,” she added.


We regret to inform you that Hillary is lying.

Even the Washington Post’s fact-checker gave her four Pinocchio’s based on a previous claim that she lost the election due to voter suppression in Wisconsin.

“Clinton made several factual errors, offered questionable claims about a couple of studies, and ended up giving a misleading assessment of her loss,” the Post wrote. “Wrong on multiple levels, seriously misleading and worth a cumulative Four Pinocchios.”

Honestly, she could have that written as the introduction to her next biography.

Reports following the election and these latest statements seem to suggest Clinton doesn’t understand the electoral process in America, a fatal flaw.

Politico reported after the election that her campaign urged Clinton to visit urban areas to run up the popular vote, ignoring the much needed electoral vote in key swing states.

“There also were millions approved for transfer from Clinton’s campaign for use by the DNC — which, under a plan devised by [Donna] Brazile to drum up urban turnout out of fear that Trump would win the popular vote while losing the electoral vote, got dumped into Chicago and New Orleans, far from anywhere that would have made a difference in the election.”

You know, like Wisconsin.

Aside from the continuing excuses about why she’s the most famous loser in presidential politics, Clinton also took the standard swipes at President Trump as a ‘racist and white supremacist.’

“Racists and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House,” she falsely accused. “Hard-fought for civil rights are stripped back. Rule of law is being undermined, our norms and institutions … are under assault, and that includes the single most important fight of our times … the fight to protect the right to vote.”

To be clear, she means protecting the ‘illegal’ vote. Voter ID, immigration enforcement, purging the voter rolls of non-citizens and the dead are all a means of instituting rule of law.

The real assault is against the ballots of legal American voters and that comes strictly from the Democrat party. No amount of revisionist history is going to change that fact.

Perhaps more people in Wisconsin would have voted for her if she paid some attention to the state. In Wisconsin and the other rust belt states where President Trump earned surprise wins (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), the Clinton campaign didn’t advertise until the very end when it was too late. Trump advertised at lower levels, but the ads began much earlier which gave his ads time to build and convince. Also, Hillary didn’t campaign in those states.


Hillary voter suppression

Trump’s ads were generally issue-oriented. However, according to Wesleyan very little of Clinton’s ads focused on policy. When they compared the last four presidential campaigns (eight candidates)  Clinton’s advertising ranked dead last in terms of presenting policy positions. About a quarter of her ads were purely about her positions on issues. Clinton’s ads focused on identity politics rather than trying to appeal to the broad electorate, and/or instead of presenting her stance on issues her ads attacked Trump.

Nearly half of all Clinton campaign airings were negative whereas over half of Trump campaign airings were contrast spots, which discussed Clinton negatively but also provided information about Trump.

You may remember all the times commentators were saying that Clinton didn’t do a good job of explaining why she ran. Apparently saying “I am a woman” and “Trump sucks” didn’t work.

Hillary voter suppression

The bottom line is that Clinton’s campaign was awful. Her ad placement was amateurish, she didn’t advertise where she should have, and wasted money in California, an expensive state that she would have won either way.

Clinton’s strategist must have ignored their polls. IMHO, her message that Trump sucks, did not resonate with the voters. It left voters wondering what her policies were, and for those who liked what Trump was saying Clinton’s message delivered an arrogant, “you must be stupid if you don’t understand.”

I guess it’s easier for Hillary to blame others. By my count there have been 32 different excuses Hillary Clinton has used so she won’t have to admit that she was a lousy candidate who made horrible choices:

  1. 1,000 Russian Agents
  2. Anti-American Forces
  3. Bad Polling
  4. Barack Obama Won Two Polls
  5. Bernie Sanders Primary Campaign
  6. Cable News
  7. Content Farms in Macedonia
  8. DNC Making Bad Documentaries
  9. DNC Providing Lousy Research
  10. Everyone Assumed She’d Win
  11. Electoral College
  12. Facebook
  13. Fake News
  14. FBI
  15. James Comey
  16. Low Information Voters
  17. Misogyny
  18. Netflix
  19. Nothing Burger Email Scandal
  20. New York Times
  21. People Wanting Change
  22. Rebecca Mercer
  23. Republican Party
  24. Soft Underbelly of America
  25. Supreme Court/Citizens United Decision
  26. Supreme Court/Voting Rights Decision
  27. Television Executives
  28. Twitter
  29. Vladimir Putin
  30. Wikileaks
  31. Women Who Live in the Suburbs
  32. Voter Suppression

Don’t put any money on predicting  Hillary Clinton’s excuses will stop anytime soon, and that may be a good thing (for Republicans). Hillary’s whining demonstrates to voters that the Democratic Party is the party of stodgy sore-losers who lack the ability to relate to the average American.


Parts of this post were first seen at Mental Recession

Hillary voter suppression

Hillary voter suppression

Hillary voter suppression