Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, calls herself the “most investigated innocent person in America” in a new four-hour propaganda piece to be aired on Hulu Friday, the Daily Mail reports. In that same documentary, Bubba blamed his Monica Lewinsky affair on anxiety.

According to bullet points provided by the Daily Mail:

  • Hillary calls herself ‘the most investigated innocent person in America’ in her new Hulu documentary ‘Hillary’ airing Friday
  • Hillary appears defiant, defensive and arguably the most candid she has ever been about herself during the 35 hours of interviews
  • She called the Benghazi scandal a ‘character assault’ and dismissed criticism of her Wall Street speeches
  • ‘That’s how I made some money when I got out of the State Department,’ she said of the high-paid gigs
  • The former First Lady did not apologize for the email scandal which plagued her 2016 Presidential run and insisted there was ‘no regulation against it’
  • Her running mate Tim Kaine said in the documentary that Barack Obama said of Donald Trump, ‘You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House’
  • The four-part series features access to the Clintons’ inner circle and examines Hillary’s public life from her student days to losing the election to Trump

Clinton, Daniel Bates wrote, even said she felt like she’s been persecuted in an offhand remark while the cameras were rolling.

In other words, Clinton believes she’s above the law and is allowed to do whatever she wants.  And anyone who doesn’t like it is a Russian agent on Vladimir Putin’s payroll.

Bates said Clinton addressed “all” of the major scandals in her lengthy career through the prism of a victim.  That’s right, Hillary sees herself as the victim rather than the perpetrator.  And she blames God:

Hillary says: ‘Going all the way back to the Whitewater days. I’ve never understood this and I will go to my grave not understanding it. All these things get disproved, but the press, and I’m talking about the major press, they always bite.

‘And I don’t know why. There’s an old joke about an old guy who is walking along the edge of the cliff, he slips and as he’s falling down and he grabs onto a branch and he’s holding on and he’s praying, going “God, God I’ve lived a good life, I’ve done everything I supposed to do…please Lord help me, help me.”

‘And then this voice comes out and says “There’s just something about you that pisses me off”‘.

Let’s be clear.  Hillary’s career of lies and scandals goes back more than 40 years, and there’s no way a four-hour propaganda piece can make all of her lies and scandals go away.

Here’s a trailer, provided by the Daily Mail:

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