The latest polls show NYs Junior Senator Hillary Clinton with a 20 point lead over her nearest challenger, Barak Obama, and the first primary is three months away. Obama’s hammering of Clinton on foreign policy will not work to bring him up to her polling levels…he can’t get her on experience, because his lack of experience. There is one thing that Obama can legitimately challenge Clinton on is her record of honesty.

Putting aside the whitewater scandal because it was never proven, there was that $100,000 “investment” in the cow futures market, the business about pardons at the end of her husband’s administration. There was that cover of that little illegal fund raiser by run by Stan Lee and friends Did Hillary Clinton Commit Felony(s) ? That little thing with Mr. Hsu. All of those times she restricted free speech Hillary Clinton’s Storm Troopers Strike Again and don’t forget that little item about the donors who weren’t Hillary Clinton: The Teflon Candidate.

This woman is wracked with scandal, yet not a peep about any of this comes out of the mouths of her opponents. Is it that they don’t want to be President? Or is it a lack of guts? If they don’t have the guts, they don’t get the glory.

Crooked Hillary
By Quin Hillyer
Published 10/17/2007 12:08:11 AM

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If Barack Obama really wants to be president, then he’s acting like a gutless wonder.

The same goes for John Edwards and Joe Biden and Bill Richardson and everybody else in the Democratic field.

If they really wanted to be president, then when they look at the polls and realize that Hillary Clinton is leaving them in her dust, they would vow to stop her with every fair and accurate tool at their disposal — and the beauty is, they would legitimately be able to tell themselves they are doing it to save the United States from somebody so corrupt that she is “unfit for elective office.”

Those are the words of the (very) liberal New York Observer in a 2001 editorial. Ultra-liberal New York Times columnist Bob Herbert added that Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton “is so thoroughly corrupt it is frightening.” It is, of course, almost impossible to separate Bill from Hillary in this regard, because their careers are so intertwined and because so many of the corruptions in Clinton’s past specifically involved projects on which Hillary was actively involved.

Both Herbert and the Observer were specifically responding to former President Clinton’s tawdry abuse of his pardon power as he left office. Hillary’s fingerprints were all over them, too, particularly since her own brothers were massively involved in peddling some of the pardons. Both Clintons also were involved with questionable efforts to claim White House belongings for their own, moving the leftist New York Times editorialists to lament that they would “never understand the process by which a departing president and his wife come to put sofas and flatware ahead of the acute sense of propriety that ought to go with high office.”

These quotes all come courtesy of The Clinton Crack-Up, the rip-roaring account of both Clintons’ post-presidential high-jinks chronicled by The American Spectator’s founder R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. They are noteworthy both because the political left and the big media (but I repeat myself) have a curious case of cyclical amnesia about their own harsh (and entirely accurate) judgments about the Clintons’ mind-boggling record of corrupt political thuggery.

Surely Sen. Obama and his fellow challengers should have the guts to make an issue of the voluminous public record thereof — shouldn’t they?

The truth is that Pardongate and the other end-of-presidency improprieties were child’s play compared to the vast record of Hillary’s joint misdeeds with her spouse — and this is not including any that had anything directly to do with sex.

Still, for instance, there is no honest explanation for Hillary’s killing in the cattle futures market, when she made about $100,000 very quickly on a $1,000 investment just at the time when brokers appeared to be curiously post-dating and probably re-allocating trades to benefit favored clients.

Then there was Whitewater, somehow written off by the big media as irrelevant even though the investigation landed about a dozen convictions of (mostly) close Clinton associates, even though the Clintons both benefited financially from the whole imbroglio, and even though Hillary’s own Rose Law Firm was hip-deep in the whole mess — as was shown when the infamous firm billing records mysteriously and belatedly showed up in a spare White House office, reportedly with Hillary’s fingerprints (real, not figurative) all over them.

Hillary Clinton was intimately involved with the botched handling of the firing of longtime White House Travel Office employees, combined with the odd and scary (and utterly disproportionate) use of the FBI to investigate the employees on what proved to be utterly spurious charges.

Then there were the multitudinous examples of skullduggery involving unseemly access for and unseemly and/or illegal campaign contributions from a veritable cornucopia of shadowy Asian businessmen. Hillary, again, was a big player in the whole mess. And Hillary’s own subsequent campaigns have been bedeviled by other questionable contributions similar in kind if not in degree to the various White House Asia-gate scandals.

Remember that Hillary Clinton actually was cited by independent counsel Robert Ray for making false statements at a 1995 deposition. They are part and parcel of a voluminous record of lies that she has been caught making through the years on matters big and small, for reasons apparently ranging from the most nefarious to the most petty.

Again and again through the years, even the big liberal media mavens recognize and excoriate the Clinton corruptions, only then to conveniently and willfully forget their own judgments and turn viciously against those on the right who dare make an issue of them.

But the records are abundant, and they are incontrovertible. Hillary Clinton, just like her husband Bill, is “is so thoroughly corrupt it is frightening,” and she is “unfit for elective office.”

If Obama and Company are too frightened to say those things, and to make them stick, then they are cowards, pure and simple.