The old joke asks “How do you know if a politician is lying ?” The answer is of course, “Their lips are moving.” Hillary Clinton fits snugly into that category. When the Secretary of State was first lady every time she showed her Anti-Israel bias, she lied about it afterward, like her kiss of Mrs Arafat right after the terrorists wife accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian Arab children (her translator screwed up), or when she called for a Palestinian State even when US policy was against it (she was taken out of context).

Now as Secretary of State she continues her lying ways. At a press conference yesterday she said:

With respect to the conditions regarding understandings between the United States and the former Israeli government and the former government of the United States, we have the negotiating record. That is the official record that was turned over to the Obama Administration by the outgoing Bush Administration. There is no memorialization of any informal and oral agreements. If they did occur, which, of course, people say they did, they did not become part of the official position of the United States Government. And there are contrary documents that suggest that they were not to be viewed as in any way contradicting the obligations that Israel undertook pursuant to the Roadmap. And those obligations are very clear.

Maybe she should talk to Elliot Abrams, he was the person in the Bush Administration negotiating with the Sharon government. He confirmed the existence of a deal for the Washington Times

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Elliott Abrams, a former deputy national security adviser who negotiated the arrangement…. confirmed the deal in an interview last week. “At the time of the Gaza withdrawal, there were lengthy discussions about how settlement activity might be constrained, and in fact it was constrained in the later part of the Sharon years and the Olmert years in accordance with the ideas that were discussed,” he said. “There was something of an understanding realized on these questions, but it was never a written agreement.”

Abrams account agrees with that of Dov Weisglass who negotiated on the Israeli side. Weisglass also give insight into why the agreement was not put into the Road Map document:

At the beginning of 2003, Israel submitted its reservations on the Road Map. On Thursday, April 24, 2003, I headed an Israeli delegation to Secretary of State Powell, National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, and other senior administration officials. The issue of the settlements, it was decided, would be “discussed in a separate forum.” This “separate forum” convened on May 1, 2003 in Jerusalem. Senior administration officials Steven Hadley and Elliott Abrams met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and me, and, over the next two days succeeded in working out an exact definition of the term “settlement freeze” in the Road Map. According to this definition, (1) no new settlements would be built, (2) no Palestinian land would be expropriated or otherwise seized for the purpose of settlement, (3) construction within the settlements would be confined to “the existing construction line”, and (4) public funds would not be earmarked for encouraging settlements.

On a further meeting held with Ms. Rice on May 14, 2003, the agreement on the definition of the term “freeze” was confirmed, thus concluding the discussions on Israel’s reservations on the Road Map. Since the meeting also affirmed that the draft of the Road Map would constitute the final document (in part in order to prevent “reopenings” by other parties), the Israeli reservations were not included in the body of the text but rather were publicly recognized by the administration as reservations that “require substantive attention.” The administration further asserted that it “shares Israel’s view” that the reservations are “noteworthy,” and would give them “full and serious consideration” in applying the Road Map (White House communiqué, May 23, 2003). The result, as such, was that the Israeli commitment to a settlement freeze in the Road Map reached during these discussions provided for construction and development in settlements within the “construction line.” Accordingly, two days later (May 25, 2003), the Israeli government approved the version of the Road Map that included Israel’s reservations. Source Israelpoilitik

The two people who negotiated the deal BOTH agree on an account that indicates that Ms Clinton is full of cow chips. Lying about the truth, just another indication of how the Obama administration is anti-Israel.