Presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton made hints about the possibility the her becoming the first female president, but in her interview with Time Magazine she used her gender as the reason people should vote for her.  Clinton told the Time interviewer women who govern are better listeners, friendlier to fresh ideas, and more effective at sharing responsibility. Or to put it differently, her lack of a “Y” chromosome will make her a better president:

Do women govern differently than men?

I think that there are certain issues that we are more attuned to one of the things that I did in the State Department is increase resources to cases involving child abductions, trying to do more to promote international adoptions where appropriate. I just think there are some areas where our own life experiences really prepare us to be more receptive. I do think there is something in the governing or organizing approach. I just think women in general are better listeners, are more collegial, more open to new ideas and how to make things work in a way that looks for win-win outcomes. That has been my experience.

As president would you govern differently as a female president than a male president?

I do. I do, Jay. I think that my life experiences, what I care about, what I’ve been through just make me perhaps more aware of and responsive to a lot of the family issues that people are struggling with whether it’s affording child care or looking to get their incomes up because everything is increasing in cost. I really do feel that my preparation for being president puts me very strongly on the side of helping American families and that’s at the core of my campaign.

Yes America, it’s finally happened. Hillary Clinton has absolutely no good ideas so she is relying on the one thing that nobody can (or wants to try)  to dispute, she has female pluming!

If women are more aware of and responsive to a lot of the family issues, why did she try and silence Juanita Broaddrick? If she is more aware of family issues why the did Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation accept tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei all countries which have been have been identified as having horrible records on sex discrimination and other human-rights issues? If being a woman made her a better listener, why did she lie to the Benghazi victims’ families when she knew the attack had nothing to do with a video, and then lie and say she never told the families it was a video? A better listener wouldn’t have ignored all of the warnings about terrorist activity around Benghazi. If women are supposed to be more collegial, why did she ban a “pool reporter” from her initial press tour, or try to intimidate comedians who had jokes about her as part of their routines.

Hillary’s assessment of women vs. men is typical of those infected with progressive disease, everybody fits into neat homogeneous categories. All females are the same, all Blacks, Latinos, Jews, etc. are easily categorized and think the same.

Like she is on so many different issues, Hillary Clinton is wrong on gender.  There are women who are more responsive to family issues but there are more responsive men also. And the same with listening, collegiality, being open to new ideas, and win-win solutions. Even sharing responsibility — both Hillary and President Obama are both great placing the blame on other people.

When I vote for POTUS in November, many of the traits Hillary Clinton mentioned above, listening, etc., may come into play as I decide. Also important will be whether a candidates views are similar to mine on broad issues such as the Constitution, the size of government and government spending, similar views on micro issues such as national security, healthcare, and taxes. However, the thing that will not matter to me is whether a candidate has male or female plumbing. Or to quote Ms. Clinton “What difference does that make?”

To be honest the last time gender was an issue for me when making a selection was thirty years ago when proposing to my wife. In that particular case I agreed with Hillary Clinton, it was much better for me to select a woman.