Hillary Clinton’s performance at the AJC meeting yesterday reminded of something that happened in my childhood,  My Mom, of blessed memory, was like mama bear with her cubs. If you messed with her kids, you better watch out! I remember one time when I was having a fight with another kid and that kids mom hit me in the face. My Mom drove me over to the kid’s house, when the Mom opened the door, my mom popped her right in the kisser and said, “No One Hits My Kids Except For Me.”

In yesterdays speech, Secretary of Clinton said Syrian transfers of increasingly sophisticated weaponry including rockets to militants in southern Lebanon and Gaza could spark new conflict in the Middle East. And she said a nuclear-armed Iran would profoundly destabilize the region. She added

“These threats to Israel’s security are real, they are growing and they must be addressed,” she said in the speech to the American Jewish Committee. The speech was the administration’s latest effort to reassure Israel that its ties to the United States remain strong despite tensions that flared last month.

Clinton told the group that Israel is “confronting some of the toughest challenges in her history,” particularly from Iran, Syria and groups they support like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and reaffirmed U.S. determination to get them to change course.

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“Transferring weapons to these terrorists — especially longer-range missiles — would pose a serious threat to the security of Israel,” she said.

Those are pretty strong words for the Secretary of State for the most Anti-Israel administration in my life time. During the 16 months of the Obama administration Israel has been thrown under the bus so many times, she is developing permanent tread marks. Our President bows to China and the King of Saudi Arabia, but singles out our best ally in the area for what seems like daily derision.  To translate what Clinton said yesterday into into mom speak, she was saying,  “nobody hits my kids except for me”.  There is, of course, a major difference, when my Mom said it, she was trying to protect her child and look out for my best interests. When  it comes out of Clinton’s mouth, she is trying to feed the loyalty of American Jews as a pro-democratic party voting bloc with one hand, while doing her best to throw Israel to the wolves with the other.