From her email scandal and foundation scandals, to her flip-flops on immigration and profiling Muslims, 2015 was an interesting year for former first lady, senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Most of her cover-ups and policy changes were under-reported by the mainstream media or not reported at all.

In reviewing posts put up on this site during the past 12 months, there were 111 articles exposing a lie, scandal or flip flop by the presumptive Democratic Party nominee.  Some of them were early in the year and may have been forgotten, others were scandals that were sub-sets of other scandals.

So to help readers remember (and to remind Santa that she deserves lots of coal in her stocking) below is a list of the 111 posts exposing a naughty deed by Hillary Clinton. Each post on the list is linked to the original article, in case the reader would like to refresh their memory about the details of the year in Hillary: Scandals, Lies and Flip-Flops:

Date Story
1/20/15 Clinton State Department Waived Visa Ban for Democratic Donors
1/29/15 One of Taliban 5 Traded For Bergdahl Returns To Conflict (But Hillary Said They Weren’t Threat)
2/3/15 In 2008 Hillary Linked Autism To Vaccines #Grandmother’sGoingSenile?
2/25/15 Hillary and Clinton Foundation “Gamed” The Donation Restrictions System
3/3/15 Hillary Violated Federal Rules–Used Personal Email As Secretary of State
3/4/15 Video From 2007-When Hillary Slammed Bush WH For Using Private Emails
3/5/15 Hillary’s State Dept. Forced Out US Ambassador To Kenya For Using Private Email
3/5/15 Hillary’s Fake Email Transparency Obscures Her Lack Of Regard for National Security
3/9/15 Axelrod: Hillary’s ‘Given Oxygen To The Story By Not Just Coming Out’ And Explaining Emails
3/11/15 The Eight Biggest Lies Hillary Told At Her Email Press Conference
3/16/15 Hillary Changes Her Story On Deleting Personal Emails
3/27/15 Chuck Todd: Nothing [Hillary’s Loyal] Sid Blumenthal Does Surprises Me–Zero
3/27/15 Trey Gowdy: Hillary Wiped The Mail Server Clean
4/12/15 We Waited For THIS ???? Hillary Makes Announcement Via MEH Video
4/15/15 Hillary’s Email Scandal Just Got Worse
4/15/15 NOW?? Why Is Hillary First Hiring People Now To Develop Her Agenda?
4/16/15 Hillary Meets Iowa Dem. Leaders But First Makes Them Turn In Phones And Cameras
4/17/15 Chuck Todd: Hillary ‘Swung And Missed’ Her First Campaign Week
4/19/15 WOW! Even Mika Brzezinski Crapped All Over Hillary’s First Week
4/20/15 ‘Clinton Cash’ The Book Which May End the Hillary for President Campaign
4/23/15 NY Times Reports Clinton Foundation Donations May Have Allowed Russia To Buy Control Of US Uranium
4/24/15 Latest Scandal Eruption-> Pay Clinton Foundation For State Dept. Haiti Contract
4/24/15 Trey Gowdy To Clinton Lawyer: Here’s 136 Unanswered Questions About Hillary’s Email
4/26/15 WSJ And NY Times Warned About Hillary/Clinton Foundation & Kazakhstan Uranium In 2008
4/28/15 Hillary Voted For India Nuke Deal- Clinton Foundation Got Millions From Indian Politician
4/30/15 Video: In 2009 Hillary Promised That All Bill’s Foreign Donors Were Disclosed
5/4/15 Bill Clinton “Hillary Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Donor”
5/6/15 Hillary Clinton In 2003: ‘I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’
5/7/15 Breaking Audio–Hillary Clinton In 2003: ‘I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’
5/11/15 Clinton Foundation Tried To Strong-Arm Charity Watchdog That Gave It Bad Rating
5/11/15 Team Clinton’s New Campaign Slogan ‘The Ends Justify The Means’
5/12/15 National Archives Inspector General Said Hillary’s Private Email Server Was A Concern
5/13/15 Despite Promise, Clinton Foundation Took Foreign Donations LAST WEEK!
5/14/15 ABC’s Mickey Mouse Move With Story George Stephanopoulos Hid Donations To Clinton Foundation
5/18/15 Clinton Crony-Foundation Employee Advised Hillary At State W/Bad Info From Libyan Biz Clients
5/18/15 Judicial Watch Documents: Obama and Hillary Were Lying About Benghazi From The Beginning
5/18/15 Progressives Getting Super Angry About Hillary’s Super PAC Hypocrisy
5/19/15 Ron Fournier: Hillary’s Email Excuse Is ‘From Old Clinton Playbook’ ‘Laughable’
5/19/15 Another Hillary Lie: Used Email Address At State She Said Didn’t Exist
5/20/15 Former Defense Sec. Bob Gates Throws Obama And Hillary Under The Bus
5/21/15 Emails Point To Sidney Blumenthal As Source of The Mohammed Video/Benghazi Story
5/22/15 New Emails Show Hillary Was Warned About A Benghazi Attack Year Before 9/11/12
5/22/15 Hillary Was Pushing For Tax Breaks To Benefit Clinton Library Donors
5/26/15 Bill Clinton Created Shell Company So Hillary Wouldn’t Have To Report Income In Financial Disclosure
6/1/15 Hillary Gave Sweetheart Arms Deals To Clinton Foundation Donors
6/2/15 Few Takers–So Hillary Allows Men Buy Tkts. To Event ‘Just For Women’
6/3/15 New Hillary Revelation: State Department Sold Toxicological Agents To Foundation’s Donor Nations
6/15/15 Former Israeli Ambassador To U.S- Obama Purposely Screwed Up Relationship W/Israel (With Hillary’s Help)
6/15/15 Afraid of Something? Hillary Campaign Bans “Pool Reporter” From Monday’s NH Events
6/23/15 Hillary Tries To Explain Scandal But Gets Decimated By Clinton Cash Author
6/26/15 State Dept.: Hillary Never Gave Us Blumenthal Emails (What Else Did She Omit?)
7/3/15 Refuting Hillary’s Ridiculous Claim- She Will NOT Be Better For Israel Than Obama: Here’s Proof
7/5/15 What Is Hillary Afraid Of?
7/8/15 Hillary Lied To CNN: House Committee Releases Subpoena She Claimed She Didn’t Get
7/9/15 Gowdy: There Were THREE Subpoenas-TWO Issued Way Before Hillary Destroyed Evidence
7/14/15 Hillary Clinton May Have Just Gotten Congressional Approval For The Iran Deal
7/23/15 Just As She Did With Mrs. Arafat, Hillary Wont Rebuke Questioner Who Slandered Israel
7/24/15 Inspectors General Ask DOJ For Criminal Inquiry Into Hillary’s Emails
7/30/15 Protecting Hillary? Kerry’s Trying To Delay State Dept. Email Release
7/30/15 Wow: Another Strange Hillary State Dept.-Clinton Foundation ‘Coincidence’
7/31/15 Intelligence Fears Hundreds Of U.S. Secrets Leaked In Hillary’s Private Emails
8/5/15 FBI Investigating Security Of Hillary’s Email Server, Morning Joe-Email Story Is Getting Uglier
8/11/15 At Least Two Emails On Clinton’s Server Were “Top Secret”
8/13/15 Judge Wants Hillary’s PERSONAL Emails–Intelligence Wants Her Security Clearance Suspended
8/17/15 Prosecuted For Mishandling Secret Info, Two Former Officials Ask, What About Hillary?
8/19/15 And Mika Too! Morning Joe Panel Eviscerates Hillary’s Handling Of Emails
8/19/15 Asked About Emails, Hillary Does A “Walk-off” Arm Wave
8/20/15 NBC News: Democrats Believe Clinton Staffers In Denial About Server Scandal
8/21/15 Team Hillary Trying To Blame Scandal On GOP, But Dems Freaking Out Anyway
8/24/15 State Dept. Never Told DHS About Hillary’s Server Despite The Rules
8/25/15 New Revelation-Hillary’s Emails Were Classified BEFORE She Received Them (And Remain Classified)
8/26/15 Undercover O’Keefe Video Shows Hillary Campaign Skirting Election Laws
8/28/15 Hillary Clinton HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A NAZI!!!!
8/31/15 Hillary’s Email Problems Getting Much Worse (Will She Blame The Email Server Fairy?)
9/8/15 Bad News For Hillary? Senate Offers Her ‘Server Guy’ Immunity
9/8/15 Special Intelligence Review Confirms Hillary’s Server Had Top Secret Emails
9/9/15 Hillary Clinton Makes Speech In Support Of (Awful) Iran Deal She Helped To Craft
9/10/15 Dept. Of Justice Covers Up For Hillary Clinton In Federal Court
9/17/15 Hillary Clinton Won’t Say If She Saw Planned Parenthood “Selling Baby Parts” Videos
9/17/15 Before It Was Revealed To Public She Had Them-State Dept. Asked Clinton To Destroy Classified Emails
9/28/15 ‘Meet The Press’ Runs Brutal Video Of Hillary’s Flip-Flops
10/1/15  In 2012 Hillary Clinton Also Bashed Romney’s Warning About Russia
10/2/15  Video: ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Server: For Hillary Clinton’s Eyes Only’
10/7/15  Hillary’s #2 At State Shared Now-Classified Info With Clinton Foundation
10/6/15 Clinton Email Scandal Grows: Server Company Worried About Being Roped Into Cover-Up
10/13/15  Hillary’s Server Wasn’t Just Vulnerable, It Was EXTRA-Vulnerable To Hackers
10/17/15 Democratic Party Committee Woman Says Party Mgmt’s In Tank For Hillary
10/20/15 White House & Hillary First Tried To Link Benghazi Attack To A Different Video
10/22/15 Hillary’s Latest Benghazi Lie: Attack Was Caused By A Low Budget
10/23/15 There Was Much New Info During Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony But It Won’t Hurt Her (Yet)
Hillary Caught Lying Again: State Denies 90%-95% Of Her Work Emails Already On Their System
10/24/15 Bob Woodward Explains How Hillary Is Like Nixon
10/30/15 Debunking the Media Lies About Hillary’s Benghazi Video Lie
11/3/15 Email Release Reveals Hillary’s Sidney Blumenthal Lies
11/4/15 RNC Scares Clinton Foundation Into Refiling Tax Returns
11/8/15 Lexis/Nexis Search Shows Mainstream Media Covering Up Hillary Clinton Scandal
11/10/15 If Politico Is Fair, Why Doesn’t It Vet Hillary Claim She Tried To Join Marines?
11/11/15 Clinton Doubles-Down On ‘Fishy’ Story That She Tried To Join Marines (Politico’s Silent)
11/12/15 FBI Expanding Clinton Email Probe Again, Investigating ‘Materially False Statements’
11/12/15 Hillary’s Mom Must Have Traveled Through Time & Five Other Underreported Clinton Lies
11/16/15 Hillary Gets Environmental Endorsement, Then Hops on Gas-Guzzling Learjet
11/16/15 Judicial Watch Releases Huma Abedin Email Where She Says Clinton’s ‘Often Confused’
11/16/15 Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street 9/11 Donor Gaffe Was Also A Lie (Then She Lied About The Lie)
11/18/15 Clinton Slams Comedians for Making Jokes About Her (Demands Their Personal Info)
11/24/15 Why Is The Laborers’ International Union Hiding Clinton’s Keystone Opposition From Its Members?
11/30/15 Clinton Used State Dept. To Speak With Corporate Donors, Political Supporters
12/8/15 Hillary: I Was Happy With Obama’s ISIS Address
12/11/15 MISSING: The State Department Emails Of Hillary Clinton’s Computer Guy
12/18/15 Documents Reveal Clinton Ignored State Dept. Security Warning Not To Use Blackberry
12/21/15 No Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Is NOT ISIS’ Best Recruiter
12/22/15 In 2001 Clinton Wanted To Profile Muslims. Was That An ISIS Recruitment Video?