Hillary Blames Supreme Court

In yet another example of Hillary Clinton’s refusal to believe she lost the 2016 election, the 2016 loser has found a second reason to blame the Supreme Court for her loss. In her warped cranium, the court’s voting act ruling led black voters to be turned away from the polls in… er… Wisconsin. This is the second time Hillary Clinton blamed the Supreme Court for her loss. The first time she accused the nation’s highest court Clinton cited the Citizens United decision.

But Wisconsin? A state she never bothered to visit or advertise heavily during the entire 2016 campaign:

UW-Madison political science professor Barry Burden said Clinton’s decision not to visit or invest heavily in the state proved to be a mistake.

“This is one of the only states where the Trump ads outnumbered the Clinton ads,” Burden said. “This may have been the only state where her ads were drowned out by his.”

But poor Hillary who still refuses to admit she lost to a better candidate now says she lost because African-American voters were scared away in Wisconsin. This despite that Wisconsin has only 10 electoral votes, and Trump beat her by 77 electoral votes. I suppose this proves that Hillary Clinton is not just a lousy candidate, but she has problems with simple addition and subtraction.

The former crooked secretary of state made her latest claiming while making a speech to mark the anniversary of the Selma, Alabama “Bloody Sunday” in 1965:

“They are motivated every single day to try to pull back rights, to try to suppress rights, to try to prevent people from fulfilling their own God-given potential. They did go to work and they found a receptive Supreme Court who came up with the most absurd decision. This is, in many ways, the most absurd,” she said. “The Congress is supposed to legislate based on evidence and facts, and we did. The Supreme Court says, ‘You don’t need that anymore. We don’t need that voting rights stuff. You don’t need to hold states and municipalities accountable. We are beyond all that now.’ What nonsense. Absolute, absurd nonsense.”

“I was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the Voting Rights Act and I will tell you it made it makes a really big difference and it doesn’t makes a difference in Alabama and Georgia, it made a difference in Wisconsin, where the best studies that have been done said somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up to stop a fellow American citizen from voting,” Clinton continued.

Notice she doesn’t provide a source other than “best surveys.” I guess that makes it easier for her to blame others. By my count there have been 31 excuses Hillary Clinton has used so she won’t have to admit that she was a lousy candidate who made horrible choices:

  1. 1,000 Russian Agents
  2. Anti-American Forces
  3. Bad Polling
  4. Barack Obama Won Two Polls
  5. Bernie Sanders Primary Campaign
  6. Cable News
  7. Content Farms in Macedonia
  8. DNC Making Bad Documentaries
  9. DNC Providing Lousy Research
  10. Everyone Assumed She’d Win
  11. Electoral College
  12. Facebook
  13. Fake News
  14. FBI
  15. James Comey
  16. Low Information Voters
  17. Misogyny
  18. Netflix
  19. Nothing Burger Email Scandal
  20. New York Times
  21. People Wanting Change
  22. Rebecca Mercer
  23. Republican Party
  24. Soft Underbelly of America
  25. Supreme Court/Citizens United Decision
  26. Supreme Court/Voting Rights Decision
  27. Television Executives
  28. Twitter
  29. Vladimir Putin
  30. Wikileaks
  31. Women Who Live in the Suburbs

Certainly an eclectic list. Notice all the missing excuses. Facts like… in Wisconsin and the other rust belt states where President Trump earned surprise wins (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), the Clinton campaign didn’t advertise until the very end when it was too late. Trump advertised at lower levels, but the ads began much earlier which gave his ads time to build and convince. Also, Hillary didn’t campaign in those states.

Also, Trump’s ads were generally issue-oriented. Very few of Clinton’s ads focused on policy. When they compared the last four presidential campaigns (eight candidates)  Clinton’s advertising ranked dead last in terms of presenting policy positions. About a quarter of her ads were purely about her positions on issues.  Clinton’s ads mostly focused on identity politics rather than trying to appeal to the broad electorate, and/or instead of presenting her stance on issues her ads attacked Trump. But this was an election where the American people wanted solutions, Hillary didn’t present solutions.

Hillary Clinton also didn’t mention using the State Department to enrich herself via the Clinton Foundation many of those real news facts were presented in the book Clinton Cash.

The most important thing Clinton forgot to mention was the fact that she is a lousy campaigner who couldn’t connect with (or didn’t bother to try to connect with) the needs or wants of the American people, like the time she told the group of coal miners that she was going to make them unemployed.

Hillary isn’t done with excuses. My fake contacts close to her campaign have given me a list of what she intends to blame next includ3s

  • The crappy pizza in the rust belt states (caused her to stay away)
  • George W. Bush (Obama blamed him and it worked)
  • I’m a New York Jets Fan, and they made me depressed
  • Israel (Obama blamed them and it worked)
  • Her Physician (he said she had a horrible case of Liar-betes)
  • New York City Mayor DeBlasio (taught Americans how stupid liberalism can get)
  • Too many law-abiding Americans have guns
  • Her Husband Bubba (missed campaigning time because of his hobby-bimos)
  • The death of Justice Antonin Scalia (the coverage of the Judge’s funeral made people realized what a real American hero was)
  • The Joos (the Democrats’ Antisemitism works)
  • Global Warming made people vote for Trump
  • Disney re-did the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World (they took away her magic).

Despite the fact that she also said she would not run in 2020, don’t put any money on predicting  Hillary Clinton’s excuses will stop anytime soon and that may be a good thing(for Republicans). Hillary’s whining demonstrates to voters that the Democratic Party is the party of stodgy sore-losers who lack the ability to relate to the average American.

H/T Godfather Politics