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The Celebrity Commercial was Cute, This one is Funny. Senator McCain Takes a look at Obama as Messiah, Even uses Charlton Heston as Moses. Take a look at the commercial Below:

The Divine Obama — new McCain ad
Friday August 1, 2008
By Rod Dreher

OK, this one is funnier than the celebrity one. Not great, but funny. The Moses part made me laugh out loud:

I showed it to a couple of colleagues just now, and they thought it would hurt McCain. I don’t. I think it pokes fun at Obama Mania, and once again raises the question: is there anything below the hype?

This is important to do. Both McCain and Obama are running largely on biography. True, they both have policy positions, but the most compelling thing about each of these candidates is his personal story. McCain is doing his best to undermine that, and to define Obama as overhyped. Obama’s challenge is more difficult. He can’t be seen to attack the military experience that is the core of McCain’s personal appeal, because McCain was tortured. And while it’s a lot easier to define Obama in the public’s mind, McCain’s been on the scene for so long that his image is fixed in the public’s mind.

If I were Obama, I’d make a funny ad poking fun at McCain’s image as a maverick, but showing instead how he’s been subservient to the Bush agenda. I think Obama’s admakers can surely carry off humor better than McCain’s. Still, this new McCain ad is definitely a step up from the celebrity ad. The addition of Charlton Heston is a masterful touch

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