Abbas and his buddies are still working those phones, begging the quartet “Please can we have our allowance back…we promise to be good. Look at our agreement where it says respect previous agreements…it means we will recognize Israel and no longer engage in terrorism. We wanted to save trees so we just wrote it shorter”

Before the Quartet drinks anymore of the Palestinian Kool Aid maybe they can listen to what the other half of the unified government is saying.

“There isn’t a chance any Hamas leader will ever recognize Israel,” said outgoing Interior Minister Said Siam. “We will not betray our values and we will not betray our land. We will leave this world as shahids (martyrs) without recognizing Israel.”

Siam further noted that if any Hamas member dared recognize Israel, he would be swiftly ejected from the movement. Siam did not deny, however, that considering Hamas’ values the current unity government was not ideal. However, the deadly intra-Palestinian conflicts necessitated certain concessions, he noted. (YNET)

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And they couldn’t wait to put that Martyrdom into action:

An Israeli man sustained moderate wounds Monday morning by a Palestinian sniper near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, north of the Gaza Strip. The victim, Koby Ohayon, 42, was an employee of the Electrical Company who was conducting infrastructure work at a gas terminal near the kibbutz upon the IDF’s request. Hamas took the credit for the attack.

A few hours after the shooting incident, Hamas was linked to another terror attempt when Egyptian security forces captured a would-be bomber at the border awaiting directions to carry out a suicide bombing in Israeli territory. (Ynet)

For those if you thinking “OK but this is just Hamas” lets take a look at what the “moderate” Abbas said on Saturday.

“Today we start a new stage in our national struggle towards establishing an independent Palestinian state. This is the struggle started by the shahid (martyr) Yasser Arafat, and which we are coronating today on the day of our national unity,” Abbas said.

When you look at the facts, the ONLY think implicit in the unity agreement is the destruction of Israel.