Last Thursday I posted new proof that Ron Paul is too bigoted to be President of the United States, showing that he described their content in 1995 to CSpan and defended the content in 1996 so I issued a challenge to the Ronulins, the “Cult-like” supporters of Ron Paul;

Here’s the challenge to the Ronulins, instead of leaving comments calling me a progressive, or part of the Jewish control of government (which I have been getting), and don’t explain away the comments  like a government employee who goes by DCThrowback did, saying the bigotry in Pauls newsletters were “simply hatefacts: stuff that’s true that you can’t say in polite company anymore.”

Lets go Paul fans! Time To Put Up or Shut Up–Tell me how do you explain away your leader’s words on video, or his interviews with newspapers 15 years ago, or those horrible bigoted newsletters. Put them together and try to explain them away—if you can’t– admit the man is unqualified to be POTUS or simply shut the hell up.

The only comments I received denied the proof or spewed name-calling and other venom my way. I am making a typical liberal smear? But not one person tried to explain Emperor Paul of Ronulin’s bigotry.

More evidence has become available…so as I said once before..put up or Shut up!

The 1993  video below was discovered by Andrew Kaczynski of Buzz Feed. Not only does he describe what is in the newsletters, but takes ownership of them (if you cannot see video below please click here)

Again I ask the question…even if the his interviews where he defended the bigotry of his newsletters as “taken out of context,” or the videos where he explains what is in the newspapers he never read, why would you think him qualified to be President, for allow all this in his name  without reading or knowing about their content.


Mastheads? (click to make larger)

Or Why would he allow the inclusion of his wife, children. and grandchildren in this Christmas greeting..

Especially when it appeared in his December 1990 Political Report right under this item which among other things, falsely accuses the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. of being Gay.

Sorry Ronulins, but whether he read them on not, your cult-leader is not qualified to be President.

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