Yesterday, with great fanfare Nancy Pelosi suggested that public option of the Obamacare bill is doing poorly because of its name, and that it may be more attractive to skeptics if it goes by a different title. She was speaking at an appearance at a Florida senior center with Florida Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz and suggested that a better name would be “the consumer option.” Schultz, suggested the term “competitive option.”

The speaker said the “competitive option” idea emerged during her closed-door roundtable at the Sunrise Senior Center with advocates of seniors and others who work with older populations. Wasserman Schultz suggested the term might be here to stay.

“I think she’s going to go up and test-drive it when she goes back to Washington,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It might stick.”

Both Pelosi and Schultz are totally wrong ! I have the perfect new name for the “Public Option” a new health insurance company run by the government designed to put the private firms out of business. I am not a fan of Obamacare or the public option, but I hate to see two members of the United States government looking so silly in public trying to come up with a name to mislead the American People. So being a Patriot, I will share my solution with the Congresswoman…they should call the Public Option–The George W Bush Option.

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Naming the public option after our most recent ex-president will rally both liberals and conservatives around the plan. Just look at the facts:

  • Name Recognition: Changing the name of any effort is difficult because it takes time to build up public name recognition for the new title. Everyone has heard of George W. Bush–Instant name recognition.
  • Republican Leaders Will Be More Open to the Plan: As any Republican would you rather have a public option Obamacare plan or George W. Bush, most Republican Leaders would run to George W. Bush. The fact that it is not the ex-president but a plan for government run health care will not be noticed, lets face it, no one on Capitol Hill reads the legislation anyway.
  • Democratic Leaders Will Feel Comfortable Using the Term: Leading Democrats such as Barney Frank has admitted the public option is a “sleight of hand” designed to set America down the path of single-payer “socialized medicine. Many of those same Democrats accused President Bush of using “sleight of hand” to drum up support for invading Iraq.
  • No Nasty Comments From That Pesky Dick Cheney: Every few months former Vice-President Dick Cheney plays dirty by using the truth to criticize President Obama’s policy. With my suggested name change one potential critic is eliminated. After all, Cheney is an honorable man and would never criticize George W Bush in public.
  • Helping US Reputation Overseas: According to the Democrats, the eight years of George W. Bush totally wrecked America’s relations with other nations. President Obama has been working hard at repairing our image. Unfortunately, he has insulted the British, the German’s think he is killing the world economy with his spending, French President Sarkozy feels that his Iran policy shows a lack of manhood, and the Muslim states are too busy laughing at him to give an opinion. Since, according to the Democrats, we were hated so much during the previous administration, taking the name of George W Bush from a political context and moving it into a socialized medicine context is sure to help us rebuild from Obama’s rookie mistakes.
  • Socialists Will Love The Idea: At first they may object to calling Nancy Peolisi’s robust public option, the George W. Bush option, once you remind them that the US Government’s take over of the Auto and Banking Industries started under the Bush administration, they will be lining up to buy “Vote The Bush Option” tee shirts.

Its Perfect! Everyone will love the name change, especially President Obama. After all once this plan gets up and running, young adults will be angry they are being forced to buy a health care plan they do not want or need, seniors will be angry because they will be denied necessary health equipment/procedures and everyone will will be angry over the higher taxes, health care costs, and long wait to see a doctor. That’s when our President can rise above it all and speak directly to the American public using the solution that he used so many times before…”its not me, blame Bush