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Yesterday when Hamas announced that they would be willing to attend a peace conference with Israel, all of the tradional media outlets fell over themselves, trying to announce that this is a major breakthrough. You would think that Peace is at Hand…except for one thing. Hamas will attend the conference but Peace will not be discussed. Today they announced that they will not recognize Israel or renounce terrorism.

Hamas: PA gov’t won’t recognize Israel
Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy to the Damascus-based Hamas political bureau leader Khaled Mashaal, said Monday night that the planned Palestinian unity government would not recognize Israel and was not required to.
The announcement came after Fatah and Hamas came to a groundbreaking agreement earlier Monday on the formation of a unity government after months of negotiations and setbacks.
Recognition of Israel has been one of the international community’s requirements for any Palestinian government.

Once again the press has been duped into believing that the terrorists have any intention of forming a peaceful Palestinian Nation. I keep hearing from my democratic friends that maybe now we can re-start the peace process. Folks WHAT PEACE PROCESS? Arafat never committed to peace, in fact the PLO never changed their charter to recognize Israel, Abbas never committed to peace, and Hamas…. well their recent statements about never recognizing Israel speak for themselves.

Once again traditional media and world leaders look like amateurs as they are manipulated by terrorist groups.

Lets face it until they recognize that terrorists, like leopards, will not change their spots, we are doomed to repeat this exercise over and over, continuing the pain of both the Israeli and Palestinian people. Its like the foriegn relations version of one of those old Judy Garland movies. “hey lets have a peace conference…my mom can make the costumes”

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