The FREEKEEN Nerve.!!!! Palestinian President Abbas has asked for a “Good Will” gesture be fore the scheduled meeting next Monday with Condy Rice and the Spineless Wonder PM Ehud Olmert. Since this “cease fire” a few weeks ago —all he has gotten is “good will” guestures. The biggest of which is not bombing him straight back to Allah and those 72 Virgins after over 100 rockets have been fired into the Negev and a suicide bombing in Eilat (you know it would be a favor, with all of the terrorist “martyrs” you have sent to kill Israeli citizens they good ones must be almost gone).
Abu-bu—Abbas–I know you don’t read this blog, but let me talk to you directly anyway. You are a bright man, I read your college thesis, your Anti-Semetic rantings about the Shoah being exaggerated were moronic, but you put three words together in a sentence. Don’t you get it? The fact that Olmert is meeting with you IS a goodwill gesture. You have gotten a multitude of other gestures since this “cease fire” . Yesterday was “Valentine’s Day” its all about love. Well you greedy bastard, it is time for you and your pack of criminals and Murders to show Israel some love. How about something small, like releasing our one Prisoner Cpl Shalit? Don’t take advantage like your idol Mr. Arafat. He had Prime Minister Barak giving up everything but still wanted more. The “more” he got was Ariel Sharon, a bombed out building and no electricity as his body wasted away from HIV.

We Jews are a “stiff-necked” people. We want peace, and thats why we elect people like Barak and Olmert who sometimes give too much “good will. ” But when pushed we come back with a Sharon or a Bibi, someone we think will teach your ugly ass a lesson. That along with the grace of
G-d, it is that” stiff-neckness” that has kept us around for these thousands of years, much to the chagrin of bigots like you.

So let me warn you of this— Olmert is not the Jewish People, he is not Israel we can change our leaders (without guns). This guy might like to make concessions, but the next one is probably going to be a real SOB. So maybe its time to pull a couple of “good will ” gestures out of your hat. Cause as FDR once said, “the son of a bitch you know is better than the son of a bitch you don’t know” Besides if these 80 prisoners are sick aren’t the better off with a team of Jewish Doctors?

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(Ynet News)
Palestinian president seeks release of ailing prisoners jailed in Israel as goodwill gesture ahead of meeting with Prime Minister Olmert next week. Abbas set to meet Prime Minister Haniyeh Thursday in bid to resolve PA political crisis
Associates of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have asked Israel to release 80 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture ahead of Abbas’ meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert next week. Palestinian sources told Ynet that in the framework of negotiations between the two sides prior to the meeting, the Palestinians demanded that 80 prisoners who are in poor health be freed. According to the sources, such a move could help establish trust between Israel and the Palestinians, given the humanitarian aspect of the matter. If Israel consents, this may also help increase public support for Abbas and the peace process among the Palestinian public. Palestinian prisoners confirmed the report, and said that PA officials ensured them they would attempt to promote the issue. The prisoners stated that one of the senior officials involved in the talks noted that “the Israelis have agreed to favorably weigh the issue.” However, the prisoner release will apparently have no bearing on the subject of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and an exchange deal including Shalit may face further delays in light of the recent crisis in the PA.