The Top Ten

As it is our tradition, the last five days of the year we post which stories you enjoyed the most, based on total traffic the top fifty posts of the year. We’ve already posted #41-50, #31-40, #21-30, and #11-20, and now here are the ten posts you liked most in 2014:

#10 The Truth About ISIS: Why Is This Terrorist Group Different From All Other Terrorist Groups?(posted Aug. 28): ISIS is different from other terrorists in two main ways. First it is unprecedented in its level of violence. We are talking about a terrorist organization whose leaders were thrown out of al Qaeda for being too violent. That is a special kind of crazy. But just as important is the fact that ISIS is a more of a single operation, unlike al Qaeda, which had a core group surrounded by many “franchise” terrorist groups, ISIS is a single entity. And as a single entity the “Islamic State” or whatever they are calling themselves today has been able to develop a self-sustaining economy that among other things makes it the richest terrorist group ever and able to fund a lot more evil than other terrorists.

#9 Obama Health Official Instructed Staff To Delete Email Exchange With White House About (posted Aug.15): House Republicans on Friday released an email from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, a key Obama administration health official instructing the top CMS spokeswoman to delete an email exchange between CMS, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the White House. The email exchange discussed how to handle calls from people asking about Obamacare.  The email is dated October 5, 2013, five days into the disastrous launch of and the first line of the email reads “please delete this email but see if we can work on the script”

#8 Proof President Abbas and Friends Caused Today’s Synagogue Massacre  (posted Nov 18): When speaking to the press about the Terrorist Attack in the Jerusalem Synagogue, Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the continuous anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement by the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority and Fatah Party run by President Abbas. Especially over the past few weeks, Abbas and his party have been calling for violence against Israelis and Jews.

#7 Has The Washington Post Ever Heard Of Satire? They Fact-Check SNL (posted Nov. 24): The opening skit on Saturday Night Live was a hilarious satire of “School House Rock” teaching the difference between a bill and an executive action, using that framework to poke fun at President Obama’s recent immigration action. Forgetting that it was satire, “The Washington Post Wonk Blog” fact-checked the comedy routine.

# 6 Fox News Obtains Obama Admin Memo Recommending Bringing Non-Americans To US For Ebola Treatment (posted Oct. 28): On Tuesday evening’s Fox Special Report, Mike Emanuel reported he’s obtained an internal State Department memo indicating that the Obama Administration is considering bringing non-Americans suffering from Ebola into the country for treatment. Based on the memo it is clear the State Department is recommending the action.  It is also evident that this administration is totally out of touch with the American people. Adam Housley added more on the Greta program (second video below) the memo contains a detailed plan that has been seen by high levels of State Dept. people.

#5 Egyptian Deal a 100% Israel Victory, Israel Acceptance Puts Hamas in a Box (posted July 15):
Israel’s security cabinet met Tuesday morning and accepted the Egyptian peace deal despite the fact that Hamas had said no hours earlier. Within an hour after the Israeli acceptance, Hamas fired three rockets toward Israel. However, Israel did not immediately fire back in hopes that despite the Hamas rejection, as Egypt is still trying to get the terrorists to change their minds.

#4 You Want MORE Proof of Hamas Using Civilians As Human Shields? Here are Ten More.. (posted July 28) A few days ago we published ten examples of Hamas using civilians as human shields. Some of you said it was not enough. So here are ten more examples/reports (Plus two bonus) proving that Hamas is using its civilians as human shields:

#3 Nineteen years ago, December 8, 1995 Al Sharpton Incited The Massacre At Freddy’s Fashion Mart (posted Dec. 7): Nineteen years ago, December 8, 1995,  Al Sharpton incited the violent firebombing of Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, causing the the deaths of Angelina Marrero . . . Cynthia Martinez . . . Luz Ramos . . . Mayra Rentas . . . Olga Garcia . . . Garnette Ramautar . . . Kareem Brunner…. names forever linked together as the seven victims of the Sharpton-caused massacre at Freddy’s Fashion Mart….It all started as a rent dispute in the summer of 1995…

#2 So You Want Proof Hamas Uses Civilians As Human Shields? Here Are Ten Examples (posted July 24):  Since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge began over three weeks ago, the mainstream media has been highlighting the civilian casualties in Gaza. In most cases, even if they report the Hamas use of human shields they report them as “Israeli allegations,” as opposed to facts. One example is the report by NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin embedded above. So to help Mr.  Mohyeldin and those like him below are ten examples of Hamas using civilians as human shields. If these arent convincing, let me know because there are a lot more.

And the number one post of 2014..

#1 Two CNBC Alums Say Network Mgmt. Stopped Them From Telling Truth About Obamacare & Obamanomics (posted Nov. 14) During her Friday program on the “Fox Business Network,” Melissa Francis made a truly scandalous revelation. “when I was at CNBC, I pointed out to my viewers that the math of Obamacare simply didn’t work. Not the politics by the way; just the basic math. And when I did that, I was silenced.” Francis eventually brought on Charlie Gasparino another FBN employee who used to work at CNBC who told of the time the network’s anchors where called into Jeff Immelt the head of GE’s office (GE owned CNBC at the time) for a discussion whether or not the network was being fair to President Obama and his economic policies.

Folks thanks again for reading..I hope you all have a great 2015!