As posted the other day, the desperation amongst the President’s allies is running at a fever pitch.  The two latest examples are a supposed link between Romney, a voting machine company and Ohio voting, and the other is the expected hit on Romney’s religion.

In Ohio, liberals are peddling a false, ridiculous story that some voting machine company with distant ties to Bain and Tagg Romney’s private equity firm is planning to somehow fix the election. This came out of Salon

Voting machine provider Hart Intercivic will be counting the votes in
various counties in the crucial swing states of Ohio and Colorado and
elsewhere throughout the country come November 6 — even though it has
extensive corporate ties to the Mitt Romney camp, and even though a
study commissioned by the state of Ohio has labeled its voting system a
“failure” when it comes to protecting the integrity of elections.

Reports of Hart Intercivic’s ties to Romney first surfaced in late September, in a blog post
by Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis in The Free Press, an Ohio web site
which reported that a key investor in Hart was HIG Capital, seven of
whose directors were former employees of Bain & Co., a consulting
company of which Mitt Romney was once CEO. (Romney left the company in
1984 to co-found a spin-off company, Bain Capital.) HIG Capital
announced its investment in Hart on July 6, 2011, just one month after
Romney formally announced the launch of his presidential campaign.

The story was rebuked by the George Soros-owned Think Progress. Of course they believe that the GOP is conspiring to rig the election but not via these machines:

The rigged machines myth is not only distracting, but harms the effort
to get out the vote. Conservative groups have been promoting vote
suppression tactics for a reason: votes count. In Ohio, for instance,
despite the Republican Party’s best efforts to restrict early voting hours, voter turnout is on pace to surpass 2008, with Obama leading
among people who have already voted. Spreading the myth that the system
is so corrupt that these votes don’t matter tells voters they may as
well sit out the election.

Additionally there is a crazy Mormon attack video creeping up in left wing circles. (I will not embed it).

Folks as I said the other day, this is just the start. If you think things have been dirty so far you “aint seen nothing yet.” As the nation’s preference moves away from Barack Obama and toward
Mitt Romney, his supporters and the reelection campaign is flailing around trying to find anything to reverse
the tide.  Sadly part of that “anything” is lies about Mitt Romney, his family and faith all meant to throw voters away from the truth.  A man who
runs a campaign like that should not be president.