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Tony Katz Tonight Turns to Crowdfunding

(Los Angeles, CA) Tony Katz Tonight, a new Internet based program has launched a crowd funding campaign in order to continue to provide unique and entertaining content. Hosted by radio host, columnist and public speaker, Tony Katz, the show will bring a different perspective on the news of the day, and a fresh take on late night television.

With recent successes of filmmakers, recording artists and documentarians foregoing the often restrictive traditional avenues using crowdfunding has become a viable alternative; connecting directly with fans to become patrons. Tony Katz Tonight is looking to raise $25,000 from his loyal fans as well as future fans that are looking for better entertainment.

“Late night TV is stale. It’s boring. The format hasn’t changed, and the guest selection has gotten worse. Exactly how many vapid non-stars does America want to hear from?” asked Tony Katz. “Johnny Carson used to smoke on set. Now, even talking about smoking can get you seven years in the PC gulag!

Tony Katz Tonight has turned to Indiegogo, a well respected leader platform in soliciting the necessary funds from individuals. Interested parties can visit to find out more about the project and to contribute.

“Contribution levels get people huge thanks, web links, personalized videos and the chance to be a part of one of the tapings,” Katz continued.

In an environment where media outlets are consolidating and programming is becoming homogenous, Tony Katz Tonight is pursuing an alternative path proving that original content will strive in a free-market. In addition to raising capital and awareness of the program, they are also pursing traditional network distribution of the program.

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