If there was a 12-Step program for Congressmen I would get Steve Israel enrolled in it, even if I had to pay for it out of my own pocket. Mr Israel is my congressman and he is an addict. Not to drugs or anything like that its more like a cult. Steve Israel representative of NY’s 2nd Congressional District is addicted to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. He has thrown out all sense of reason to do whatever they say, whether it makes sense for his district or not.

Since Barack Obama became president, Israel has done things he would have never done before, he voted for the stimulus bill even though he hadn’t read it (in fact given the timing it was impossible for him to had read it).  That was followed quickly by a vote for Cap and Trade, much of which was added to the bill at 4am the day of the vote, so he  couldn’t have read it.  He claimed to have read the Obamacare bill, but I find it hard to believe that claim. After all the bill takes away HIS health insurance for a four year period, I can’t believe that he would vote for a bill that would cut off his insurance. But Steve Israel doesn’t make his own decisions, his mind is controlled by the leaders of the Obama/Pelosi cult.

Now Congressman is going even further off the edge, he is now making speeches spewing his cult learning.  On Earth Day he made a speech saying climate change, “pure” oceans and the reduction of carbon emissions are national security issues. Let me get this straight, we are fighting a global war of terrorism, there are regular domestic terrorism fears, it is estimated that by 2015, Iran will be able sent a ballistic missile with a nuclear war head toward our shores.

“Our intelligence analysts and our military folks tell us that environment factors, exactly —  environmental factors determine who we’re going to be fighting, where we’re going to fighting them, whether we’re going to be fighting them,” said Israel.  “And so for me, for my colleagues, climate change is a national security issue.”

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It is obvious that the leaders of the Pelosi/Obama cult do not allow its members to read a newspaper. Because if Congressman Israel had been reading he would have know that the Global Warming theory has had so many holes poked into it, on Ebay it’s being sold as Swiss Cheese.

I don’t know how to help Congressman Israel, I have written to him as well as others, we have protested outside his office to help him snap out of it. Folks maybe the only way to get poor Steve Israel out of this cult, is stage an intervention.  My suggestion is to have the intervention on November 2.  We need to vote the guy out of office, its the only way to save him (and the country).