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On Thursday, October 11, 2018, Facebook unpublished 800 pages (mostly conservative) and hundreds of personal accounts under the guise of protecting the midterm elections in November. Oddly enough Twitter also banned accounts on their platform for the same publishers at the same time. Isn’t it interesting that they took down hundreds of pages that are supporting Republican candidates 30 days before the election? The likely truth is they did this to help Democrats win the midterm elections and they had outsiders like Media Matters and New Knowledge assisting in ensuring the undoing of the conservative movement via social platforms.


Who is News Armor? We are a group of independent websites joined together to fight back for our first amendment right, which guarantees our right to free speech and freedom of the press. Facebook has taken away our ability to do that on their platform.

The day after Donald Trump won the presidential election, immediately Liberals turned their attention to Conservative and anti-establishment blogs and websites – looking for any way they could to eliminate us!

The Mainstream Media couldn’t figure out why the nation tuned them out and turned to conservative blogs. The reason was simple: the American people were FED UP with the non-stop negative attacks on Donald Trump and the Republican Party, while the MSM acted as the communications wing of the Democrat Party!

Meanwhile, Democrats like Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and others are calling for violent tactics to be used against conservative members of Congress and the Trump administration, and people are acting on it! And GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

That’s why we need your support. Fighting one of the biggest companies in the world and all of their attorneys is going to cost money.

The money donated will help News Armor:

– Hire a KILLER legal team to combat this blatant showcase of bias toward free speech

– Ensuring we can continue to find all cases of liberal media bias and report it back to YOU

Please donate to this great cause so we can get people back to work and continue to put Dems and the MSM on blast for enforcing THEIR Totalitarian doctrine! If we don’t fight back, we may be wiped out entirely.

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