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Helen Thomas is as open-minded as she is good looking. The most Senior of White-House Correspondents sat down with radical left-wing show Democracy Now hosted by Amy Goodman. During her interview, Thomas spewed venom at President Bush, said President-Elect Obama was controlled by Israel and implied the Jewish state was a Nazi State.

Below are some highlights of her venom:

AMY GOODMAN: Tell us what you wrote in this last column, which is called “History Cannot Save Him.”

HELEN THOMAS: Well, I wrote that President Bush is passing on to President-elect Obama two wars and an economic debacle. I call it a depression. And he is arming Israel against the Palestinians in every way in Gaza.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you expect to see a change of policy, Helen Thomas?

HELEN THOMAS: I think it’s an unconscionable legacy.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you expect to see a change of policy, for example, on Israel and the Occupied Territories?

HELEN THOMAS: No, I don’t.


HELEN THOMAS: Because I think that Obama, during the campaign, made many promises, as every president, potential president does to Israel, that they seem somehow bounded by their promises, promises to uphold all Israeli goals.

I don’t see how the US can provide F-16s, gunships, Apache gunships, phosphorus, possibly phosphorus, and cluster bombs and so forth to kill helpless people, children who are starving to death. They control the checkpoints. They control the arrivals and departures, supplies and people. And the Americans—President Bush has remained silent to that suffering. He has blocked by a veto at the UN any stoppage of the warfare, and he continues to supply Israel.

Ms Thomas could very well get a job as the Hamas press secretary, in one answer she says that ALL US presidents are controlled by the Israel lobby, and ignores any Hamas responsibility for starting the violence with its terrorist acts.


AMY GOODMAN: Helen Thomas, what would you have asked President Bush if you got a chance yesterday? Did you expect that he would call on you?

HELEN THOMAS: No, but I wish that he had, because I would have—I mean, I would have asked a news question. I would not have gone into the nostalgia, though I’m not criticizing it, because I do think the reporters had to wrap up to find out what he really thought about himself and his legacy. But I would have asked why—why do you continue to support the killing in Gaza? And that’s what we’re doing.

Hey Helen what about the missiles? Don’t Jews bleed too?

I mean, you can’t remain neutral. I remember the rabbi who spoke at the Martin Luther King march on Washington. Heschel had a cameo appearance, and he said, “The greatest sin of all in the Nazi era was silence.” When you remain silent to the suffering and the incredible aggression against a people, then you are culpable.

Actually Helen, Rabbi Heschel marched with Rev. King through-out the south, it was no cameo.  If he was with us now, Rabbi Heschel would have been disgusted at your comparison of Israel to the Nazis, and he would have railed against the world’s silence about years of Muslim terrorism against Israel.

Part of Thomas’ venom may from her Arab background, some of it comes from her perceived Bush Administration lack of respected for her seniority. She hasn’t been called on to ask a question at a Presidential press conference in a year and a half. She wasn’t even called upon during Bush’s nostalgic last press conference yesterday.
Thomas’ lack of start treatment stems from the fact that she doesn’t ask questions, she ADVOCATES. For example, below is exchange between Thomas and Dana Parino.  Instead of asking a question, Thomas acts in her role as Hamas apologist:
    HELEN THOMAS: Why is the President letting more people be killed in this situation, instead of going for a cease fire and calling for restraint, as they have in the past, on both sides?  
    DANA PERINO: We are calling for a durable ceasefire. That’s what we were trying to establish. 
    HELEN THOMAS: But why don’t you call it today and stop people from being killed?
    DANA PERINO: Well, I think, Helen, strong views are held on this by all sides. We believe that Israel has a right to defend itself, and—  
    HELEN THOMAS: Do the Gazans have a right to defend themselves? 
    DANA PERINO: I think that what the Gazans deserve is a chance to live in peace and security. What President Bush has worked for is a chance to establish a two-state solution, so that the Palestinians could have their own state, so that they could live in their own democracy. And that’s what President Abbas, who is the president of all Palestinians, has been working towards.
    HELEN THOMAS: The President did not recognize their election, which was fair and square under international law, as observers— 
    DANA PERINO: Look, when—the President did call for the—did support the elections. And when the elections were held, I don’t think that Hamas was elected because they said, “Vote for us, we’ll take you to war” or “We’ll hold you hostage” or “We’ll send rockets into Israel every day.” But they won because they were tired—the people of—the Palestinians, people of Gaza, were frustrated with the services that they were getting from the Fatah party, which was a wake-up call for the Fatah party as well. And they have worked to try to improve what they could provide governance-wise for all of the Palestinians. 
    HELEN THOMAS: So knowing that, why did the US cut off all relation—all aid to the people?  
    DANA PERINO: We certainly have not done that to the people of Gaza. We do not deal with the terrorist organizations, of which Hamas is designated as one.

Helen, you forget, Israel pulled out of Lebanon three years ago.  ALL Hamas had to do is renounce terrorism and they would have gotten everything they wanted. How didn’t you know that? It was in all the papers. Of course not ! Helen Thomas believes what she wants to believe –despite the facts.

If you want to read more of the interview you can find it here