Hebron (Chevron in Hebrew) was the first piece of land ever purchased by the Jews in Israel. Approximately 38 centuries Avraham (Abraham), our forefather purchased a cave in in Chevron to bury his beloved wife Sarah. Jews have owned land in the city pretty much from then till about 80 years ago. In 1929, all that changed. Friday night , Rabbi Ya’acov Slonim’s son invited any fearful Jews to stay in his house. The rabbi was highly regarded in the community, and he had a gun. Many Jews took him up on this offer, and many Jews were eventually murdered there. As early as 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, Arabs began to gather en masse. They came in mobs, armed with clubs, knives and axes. While the women and children threw stones, the men ransacked Jewish houses and destroyed Jewish property. With only a single police officer in Hebron, the Arabs entered Jewish courtyards with no opposition. Rabbi Slonim, who had tried to shelter the Jewish population, was approached by the rioters and offered a deal. If all the Ashkenazi yeshiva students were given over to the Arabs, the rioters would spare the lives of the Sephardi community. Rabbi Slonim refused to turn over the students and was killed on the spot. In the end, 12 Sephardi Jews and 55 Ashkenazi Jews were murdered.

On hearing screams in a room I went up a sort of tunnel passage and saw an Arab in the act of cutting off a child’s head with a sword. He had already hit him and was having another cut, but on seeing me he tried to aim the stroke at me, but missed; he was practically on the muzzle of my rifle. I shot him low in the groin. Behind him was a Jewish woman smothered in blood with a man I recognized as a[n Arab] police constable named Issa Sheriff from Jaffa in mufti. He was standing over the woman with a dagger in his hand. He saw me and bolted into a room close by and tried to shut me out-shouting in Arabic, “Your Honor, I am a policeman.” … I got into the room and shot him

When the massacre finally ended, the surviving Jews resettled in Jerusalem. Some Jewish families tried to move back to Hebron, but were removed by the British authorities in 1936 at the start of the Arab revolt. In 1948, the War of Independence granted Israel statehood, but further cut the Jews off from Hebron, a city that was captured by King Abdullah’s Arab Legionand ultimately annexed to Jordan. When Jews finally gained control of the city in 1967, a small number of massacre survivors again tried to reclaim their old houses. Then defense minister Moshe Dayan supposedly told the survivors that if they returned, they would be arrested, and that they should be patient while the government worked out a solution to get their houses back. That was Dayan’s second act of treason, the first was giving away Jewish rights to the Temple Mount.
About a two years ago a group of enterprising Jews from community of Hevron purchased a building in the city from an Arab for about One Million Dollars. It was almost as if Avraham purchased it again. The group settled in the building, renamed Peace House. Since then, the Israeli government has been trying to throw out the residents of the building, seeking to make sure that the land remains Arab. When the Jews provided the deed Arab who owned the building told the police and media that he never received the money, and the sale had not occurred, for fear that he will be killed for selling property to Jews.The government called on shoddy forensics people who claimed the deed was faked, so the residents provided a video which shows the the sale taking place (See the video at the top of this post). That wasn’t enough for Defense Minister Ehud Barack, he shut off the electricity, made they go through last winter without heat. But the hearty people of Peace House were not going to leave the world’s Oldest Jewish City.No It took Ehud Barack Following in the Tradition of Moshe Dayan, to make them leave. He went to Hebron under the pretense of negotiating, left and then sent in the troops to once against turn Hebron into Occupied territory. You can see the disgusting display below. Its bad enough that the Arabs want the Jews to leave their land, its worse when the Defense minister/labor party leader does it also. If there was ever a “Shanda” this is it: