Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
Explaining how much he enjoyed this weeks Carnivals

This week’s Havel Havelim is really special for a few reasons First of all Batya has done a splendid Job of putting it together. There is so much great reading and links to wonderful posts. Second of all its playing on Two Websites Batya Posted it on both of her sites Here is the Shiloh Musings Version or if you prefer you can read it on Me-ander Or if you like you can read it halfway on one site…and halfway on the other. Either way you will have a wonderful time with this version of Havel Havelim. The other reason why this edition of HH is special is Batya posted a picture of the famous Soccer Dad (although he has a funny looking growth over his left eye).

And when Just when you think it is safe to go back on the internet it is also a great week to visit carnival of the insanities. Pat Sanity’s weekly review of how so many people in the world are acting like a horse’s…well you get it.