This week President Bush, and his group of terrorist appeasers are traveling to the Middle East. Bush’s trip will be an impediment to peace. Thats because it appears that the President of the United States has fallen back on the old US policy, the one created by Jimmy Carter and followed through by Bush Sr. and Clinton… Terrorism is BAD except when the victims are Jews. They just don’t understand that Appeasement Doesn’t Work? Who Knew? posted at Little Green Footballs. And Jews aren’t the only victims read The Other Jihad: Islam’s War on the Hindus posted at American Thinker.

Last week Bush bashed new Israeli construction—he pressures Israel not to wage a full offensive in Gaza to stop rocket attacks, but he would have Israeli Soldiers forcibly remove other Israelis from their homes maybe its time we say NO TO ‘MAJORITY’ TYRANNY by Rabbi Dov Berkovits (posted at Shiloh Musings). I think Israel should also say no to Defense Minister Barak. Sometimes he is nothing but a Big Bully!

It is time that President Bush learned that SETTLEMENTS DON’T KILL PEOPLE… TERRORISTS DO. I just don’t understand what happened. Somewhere around last year’s midterm elections Bush lost his way. How could one man be so right in fighting terror seven years ago and so wrong today? Folks it appears that the President of the United States has fallen back on the old US policy, the one created by Jimmy Carter and followed through by Bush Sr. and Clinton… Terrorism is BAD except when the victims are Jews. He is a religious man maybe this will help–here A Special Message For Pres Bush–READ YOUR BIBLE

Let me suggest that the President spend a few days in Sedrot to learn all about the real impediment to peace. Maybe he should also do a bit of research before he goes because it is obvious that he doesn’t understand what is going on. Here are some reading suggestions for him and Condi –By the way if you want to see a neat picture of Condi check out Caption Contest #1Shiloh Musings and leave a caption)

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First Bush should learn a little Hebrew before he comes so he can really understand what Israelis are saying and thinking if he goes to me-ander and reads Teaching/ Learning Foreign Languages posted at me-ander. Maybe he can watch the videos at Online Videos and Interactives posted at Tech Rav. He could do himself well by studying a little history of the land Did I Say The Wrong Thing? posted at The Eye of the Storm – Blogs
Reading a couple of Israeli newspapers would help also. But The President could learn all about the all the recent terror attacks by Abbas’ Fatah and yet the appeasement continues. Carl presents some wishful thinking in The end of the ‘peace process’? posted at Israel Matzav. Face it Mr. President even the Israeli Arabs want no part of a Palestinian state HELL NO WE WONT GO !!! Israeli Arabs Want NO Part of Palestine.The Palestinians CAN’T make peace read Yael’s Peace Partners Trying Very Hard to Kill Us besides they still have bullets left, and they get more every day PA’s Weapons Smugging -Why is Everyone Surpised? Heck even the “moderate” Egyptian are doing their best to help Hamas see Egypt reneges, Olmert keeps quiet posted at Israel Matzav–well not quite quiet Egypt/Israel–Its Getting NASTY. Why should the US State department care about Palestinians smuggling weapons after all they are now in the real estate buisnees, creating Muslim communities Absurd State Dept: “Refugees Become Terrorists if we don’t bring them here” Thats why they are too busy for the US take care of its own? posted at Israel Matzav.We are talking about the STATE DEPARTMENT the State Department Says Surrender IS an Option. The EU isn’t much help either just read What does EU-BAM do? posted at Elder of Ziyon.
Bush is not the only appeaser of Palestinian terrorists. When in Israel he will be meeting with Israel’s foremost appeaser, the leaning Tower of Jell-o, Mr. comb-over himself, Ehud “give-away” Olmert. Israelis Trust their IDF Soldiers says Shiloh Musings more they trust their politicians. SnoopyTheGoon calls thinks they are like Moe, Larry, and Curley see The three stooges strike again posted at SimplyJews. Olmert doesn’t even know Isn’t It A Crime To Be A Terrorist? posted at Shiloh Musings Batya that isn’t a crime according to Olmert –but moving your lips in Jewish Prayer on top of the Temple Mount is. This week the Kadima Government announced that Jews must keep TIGHT-LIPPED ON The TEMPLE MOUNTThe Palestinians think Olmert must be from a different planet–so does Israel Matzav and Yidwithlid Lets face it…Olmert is dragging Israel’s security down the toilet..but what do you call it in Hebrew well if you don’t know try reading Potty Talk in Hebrew (Asslah or Sir?) posted at Ari’s BlogEither way Olmert is crazy–he made no public outrage despite the fact Amihai and Rubin were murdered by ‘Palestinian policeman’ and Fatah member( Israel Matzav) Some of the reactions to the murders in the Diaspora were just silly West Bank Mama points that out in Location, Location, Location. But then again Murder Not as Bad as Previously Thought, Says Israeli Government (Israeli Satire Laboratory)Olmert’s government is not only screwing up Israel’s security but also their education system. He is not dealing with the problem of dropouts in the Haredi school system posted at Life in Israel, Although he is trying to fight the Outbreak of Judaism Narrowly Averted in Israeli Public School ( Israeli Satire Laboratory)Maybe one part of the Israeli Education System Olmert should fix is Hebrew University, they awarded an award to a student who felt that IDF soldiers were racists read Why don’t Israeli soldiers rape Palestinian women? posted at SimplyJews. I better stop bashing Olmert– last week I was criticized for doing just that, which begs the question Can American Jews Criticize Israel? I don’t know–maybe its Just a Jewish thing as a people we have lots of oddities for example “Jews shopping is always funny. They’ll clop mincha in the store if they can–read At the Check-out posted at Everyone Needs Therapy or maybe its because “Judaism, as practiced in America, makes a mockery of what our religious priorities should be read Bah Humbug!, מאי חנוכה aorn posted at Anarcho-Judaism, I happen to agree with a lot of what Sholom says in this post, please note, if you are sensitive to “strong language” you might not enjoy this post.Maybe before he lands in Israel Mr. Bush can learn a little bit more about Judaism, for example, one of the key priorities for Judaism is respect, not just for the living but for the dead like the The Holy Society posted Schvach Yid Schvach – פני דל Maybe that’s why I hope the good guys win the The Fight For Rabbi Schneerson’s Honor

Another of our priorities is teaching our children Schvach Yid points this out Teach Them Well posted at Schvach – פני דל. I agree with Shira who says The key to Jewish continuity: Prioritizing Judaism posted at ON THE FRINGE—AL TZITZIT, saying, “If Judaism is to survive and thrive, Sabbath observance has to be more important than soccer practice.” They might love Shabbos services I do, especially when I get to lead Musaf. MY Kedusha is not what Rivka is talking about in her Musaf as therapy posted at Ha’azina Tefilati.

We teach our kids to Never Forget whether its the Shoah see Question Time posted at Israellycool or remembering where we came from as Dave presents The last shabbos posted at Soccer Dad , Jewsh history is summed up in this song posted by Jack They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat posted at Teruah – Jewish Music
We teach our children about the obligation of having a mohel circumcise our sons but now It seem that non-Jewish families are able, and perhaps even prefer, to call on the services of a mohel for the circumcisions of their infant sons its An Up and Coming Fashion. We also try to teach our kids about Kashrut Lion of Zion: OU No Longer Certifies Cholov Stam Products! posted at Ari’s Blog

As Jews we honor and remember great teachers 24 of Teves- Rav Dessler’s Yartzeit. and try to learn from the Rabbis of today New Location for Interview With Rabbi Rakeffet File! posted at Orthodox Freelancers Guild,or Question & Answer With Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum – Finding One’s Good Points posted at A Simple Jew.

Some Rabbis should be this one written about by The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة. R’ Aharon Soloveitchik and Hevron’s Settlers.

Another Jewish tradition is disagreeing with each other like these Politically-incorrect thoughts posted at ON THE FRINGE—AL TZITZIT or this Open Letter to My American Orthodox Brothers posted at West Bank Mama, or my post the Conservative Movement Loses Touch–Blames Others.

Last week Fatah celebrated its anniversary maybe Bush can take a look at Those ubiquitous ‘toy guns’ posted at Israel Matzav. They also had a moment of silence in honor of the first anniversary of the hanging of Saddam Hussein see Our friends, The Pali Islamonazis! at Atlas Shrugs.

Mr President remember, the terrorists celebrate when they kill, Jews celebrate when they prevent killing especially this proud Abba Behind The Headline A Proud Father posted at Yoni the Blogger.

Also last week there was also a celebration WORTH recognizing..If you haven’t said Happy Birthday to Mr. Dry Bones make sure you go to his site and say hi. But if read Dry Bones don’t show anyone in the US academia they don’t like excellent pro-Israel commentary just read On that “Moderate” MLA resolution posted at Judeopundit. And they probably won’t like Ya’akov as much as I do at this place “Peace by Piece” deluding our youth (posted at Rechovot: A Place to Expand)

Now Mr. President now that you have learned how we teach our children. Why not take a look at how the Islamo-facists treat their children, read Atlas Shrugs UK: Vaginaless Monologues and TEXAS DAD “HONOR” KILLINGS, 17 & 18 Year-old Girls .

So, Mr. President, when you say that the settlements are an impediment to peace it shows a clear mis-understanding of what is going on in the middle east, what is going on in your own State Department and the difference in values, between Judaism and Islamo-fascism. Maybe instead of going to Israel…you should just say home and study. Or at the very lleast go here to find out 2007’s Most Self Hating Jews Are….

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