Liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly stated since 2011, is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Consider, for example, John Cusack, who clearly exemplifies the typical low-information Hollywood hatemonger.

On Saturday night, the unhinged hatemonger went on a Twitter tirade in which he declared, among many other things, that 30 percent of Americans are Nazis.  Gee, wonder which 30 percent that might be?

Here’s a sampling of his unhinged hatred as posted by Breitbart:

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Breitbart added:

In July, Cusack joined rioters in embattled Portland in a show of support, while calling federal agents sent to restore order “stormtroopers.”

“Straight up stormtroopers – secret police – fascism,” Cusack said, posting a video of law enforcement officials in the streets. “Storm troopers – Barr’s secret police maybe ice border people – prison guards – who knows – soooo…no prisons or borders in Portland, bill – go to jail.”

Cusack portrayed violence that had gripped the city as part of President Trump’s supposed plan to create mass unrest in a major American city so he could “illegally hold power.”

Cusack himself has been accused of racism after sharing an antisemitic cartoon and quote last year and, after a backlash, even attempting to defend it.

In 2018, he called for a coup against the president, calling him a “disease” that must be “eradicated” by any means.

That sounds like a death threat to us.  But wait, there’s more.

In 2017, he posted this:

Cusack is a bloodthirsty hatemonger who got rich off the backs of hard-working Americans — the very same Americans he clearly hates.  Perhaps it’s time patriotic Americans take note of who their entertainment dollars are enriching.

On top of that, he’s a coward.  We went to his timeline to see what kind of response he got, and wouldn’t you know it — we’re blocked.  Obviously, Cusack can dish it out, but he’s too much of a coward to take any criticism.  Sounds like your typical bully to me…


In the meantime, Cusack should get some serious professional help.  Or a puppy (but not the one above).

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