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If Art Linkletter was on TV today his show might be called “Harry Reid Says The Darnedest Things!” The Senate Majority Leader always finds a way to say the dumbest thing at the worst time. Today’s example displays his typical lack of intellectual dexterity.
During a speech on the Senate floor, the Majority Leader voiced support of the President’s jobs bill by saying,

“It’s very clear that private sector jobs have been doing just fine, it’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

This Statement was meant to add weight to the claim that if the Jobs bill is not passed every teacher and cop in the world will have to be fired. In fact according to the President, if his bill doesn’t get passed little children will be forced to sell their fake cop costumes and dollhouse classrooms.

Forget for a moment the original purpose of the President’s jobs bill was to stimulate jobs in the private sector, but in truth, the private sector is doing much worse than the public sector.  According the Bureau of Labor Statistics the September unemployment rate for government workers is only 4.7%. The total unemployment rate was 9.1%, which mathematically means that the private sector unemployment must be higher than 9.1% to balance out the 4.7%

Maybe it just depends what “doing just fine” is.

The video below shows that darned Harry Reid unveiling his latest stupidity.(if you cannot see the video below please click here)

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