Uh-Oh it seems as if  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is losing touch with reality. The Hill is reporting that Reid is saying that the more people know about Obamacare the more they love it. And ignoring the facts, he says public opinion is turning against the repeal of Obamacare:

Reid…said public opinion is shifting in favor of the new healthcare law Democrats passed through Congress earlier this year and predicted more and more voters would reject Republicans’ calls for repealing the legislation.  The more people know about healthcare, the better they like it, said Reid, who listed several aspects of the new law he sees as popular.

The Senate Democratic leader is reflecting a sense among Democrats that playing up benefits within the healthcare law that would be threatened by a GOP repeal will help incumbent Democrats this fall. 

“All the polls around the country, including Nevada, indicate that when people are presented with: ‘Do you want to do away with giving 25,000 small businesses in Nevada a 3 percent discount on the healthcare?’ they all say no,” Reid explained in an interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network. “ ‘Do you want to have Medicare extended for 19 years like we did it?’ They say yes. You don’t want to repeal that. ‘Do you want to open the doughnut hole again?’ They say no, so the more people know about healthcare, the better they like it.”

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 Reid is forgetting the parts about crippling the economy or driving doctors away from medicare, or having the government determine whether or not its worthwhile to give you life saving medical treatments that tend to “put people off.”

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 58% of Americans what Obamacare repealed including 48% who strongly favor repeal. Support for repeal is up two points from a week ago but is consistent with findings recorded over the past several month. Weekly tracking surveys have found support for repeal has ranged from 52% to 63%. Gee that doesn’t sound like support for repeal is falling.

A look at opinions by party affiliation show that both Republicans (86%)  and independents (64%)  support repeal and only the members of Reid’s own party object to repeal (66%).

Either Reid has totally lost touch with reality, or he is just not smart enough to read the handwriting on the wall. But now it has become clearer that his own son Rory who is running for governor  of Nevada is quick to point out. He’s my father,” Rory said of Harry. “Not my political mentor.”