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So the key questions becomes what is the proper etiquette for going over the fiscal cliff, do you put your hands up and scream like when riding a roller coaster or do you hold hands and gun the gas pedal like Thelma and Louise? The good news is we have a little more than four days to think about it, the bad news is, today it looks a lot more likely that it will happen.

Harry Reid, who as Senate Majority leader has not passed a federal budget for four years—announced today that it is too late to reach a deal to avert the cliff.

It looks like that’s where we’re headed,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said in opening the Senate session, saying that he doesn’t see how any plan could be brought up in his chamber in time to beat the Jan. 1 deadline.

Senators were rushing back to town to begin debating an intelligence bill and an emergency spending measure for Hurricane Sandy relief, but they have no plans to take up any bills to deal with the fiscal cliff.

Across the Capitol, meanwhile, there’s not even anyone to negotiate with. The House is out of session, with members back home on vacation, awaiting a call from House Speaker John A. Boehner to come back to Washington if there is a deal to vote on.

“He shouldn’t have let them go,” Mr. Reid chided, tossing insults at Mr. Boehner for failing to push through his own Plan B approach through the House last week.

 Gee Harry, you are first trying to reach a deal today?  The House has sent the Senate budget after budget which Reid has refused to consider (the last one was 6 months ago), heck he refused to offer a counter proposal. In August the House sent the Senate a bill to extend the Bush tax cuts. Did the Senate pass their own version and call for a conference committee?

Imagine where we would be today if Harry Reid spend as much time on the budget in the past six months as he spent repeating the lie that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for the past ten years.

Reid points to a bill the Senate passed that extended tax cuts on families making $250,000 or less, but lets tax rates rise on others. He asks why the the House wont vote on HIS bill. Well Harry, that’s because the Constitution says all revenue measures must start in the House (except in the case of Obamacare). So the Senate has to act on the House bills not the other way around.

Now that I think about it some more…I think the Thelma and Louise version is best. After all I learned in kindergarten that holding hands makes you feel safer and TurboTax Tim says we are going to hit the debt ceiling at the same time. I could hurt my hands if I put them up.