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If you listen to President Obama and much of the world, Jewish settlers who live on the West Bank of the Jordan  Creek  River are the most evil people in the world (if you have ever seen the Jordan River you would call it a creek too).

The world community over-reacts to fake Arab claims of ill treatment with-in the Pre-1967 borders of Israel. The fact is Arabs are allowed to live anywhere in Israel, but God-forbid a Jew decides to live on land that was once the property of the diminutive King of Jordan, and somehow that is evil. Arabs are allowed to live anywhere they would like, Jews not so lucky.  It just doesn’t seem right.

The world criticizes Israel because it builds a wall to keep out terrorists. They say by the wall’s creation they are marking “de facto” boarders. Well, by pulling down the homes of Jewish settlers, isn’t Israel making assumptions about negotiated borders also?

Witness the People of Haresha, a settlement with 8 permanent homes and from the sound of it many babies who need their moms to concentrate on something other than saving their homes. But alas that is not possible,  their homes are slated for destruction for because the people that occupy them are Jews.

These people are simply Moms and Dads, with little babies, who want to start a life in peace and enjoy some happiness, they should not be punished because they live in a “No Jews allowed territory” but they are

Watch The video below and hear their story:
If you cant see the video click here

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