Ten years ago this week, Glenn Reynolds stated his blog, InstaPundit and the blog world was never the same. For most of us, InstaPundit is the first site we read in the morning and the last one we read before turning in.

Glenn doesn’t know this (we’ve never met) but it seems that every time I find myself “down in the dumps”  because of a series of bad traffic days, Glenn links to one of my articles and turns things around.

Thank you Glenn for all of the insight on InstaPundit, and thank you for your help in building “The Lid”

Congrats on a decade of being a trailblazer and a role model, may you have success for a long time to come!

This week on his PJTV show InstaVision Glenn talks about the birth of InstaPundit and the growth of the Internet. Its a must watch and is embedded below.

If you cannot see video below click here

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